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New Year resolutions

3 Realistic New Year Resolutions for a better year & life

The New Year New Me is a big fat lie we tell ourselves year after year when just a new calendar is just no going to change much in our lives. With 26 days into the new year, the new year joy hangover has certainly rubbed off and so have the super ambitious resolutions that we all made at the beginning of the year. And, now that we are back to the ground reality, it may be the right time to reassess our priorities and have realistic resolutions that will actually enable us to further our year and lives in a better and more productive direction.

1) Watch yourself

This one has a few subsets:

- Watch your diet, eat consciously not a like a maniac. Always cherish your meals. 

- Watch your spending, start with setting small saving goals to achieve and reward yourself with each achievement. Think of it as an effective diet but for money and in no time, you'll be saving more than ever.

- Watch your body; regular self examinations and physical check-ups with the doctor. Think about wellness first with the likes of aromatherapy.

- Watch your moments; don't forget to catch a break in between your busy schedule to appreciate life and just live in the time you're working so hard for.

The idea, however, is to just be more careful about little things in life because they matter the most. 


2) Read a book

The person that you are and the person that you'll be solely depends on the ideas you resonate, which is why it becomes very important to timely replenish them. It doesn't matter which book you choose, it can be fiction, non fiction or even fantasy, but reading and engaging is the key. If you don't want to do it alone, join a book club or even better, start your own. And the only thing better than reading a book for opening your mind to newer horizons is reading two! 

3) Be a Better Friend

When the life becomes a race, and you see nothing constant, the only thing that promises to stand by through thick and thin is a good friendship. So, be a better friend and call up someone you haven't in a long time, for these conversations are warm enough to fill all the voids that are being created in your heart with the speed of life.


In conclusion, positivity is all around you, you just need to be the sponge that soaks up everything. And, life is promised to get better as soon as you can make the best of out it. Hope you liked our realistic resolutions for the year and will surely make the most out of 2017. Happy New Year, again!


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