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9 tips to improve your well-being at the workplace

9 tips to improve your well-being at the workplace

What does work means to you? How to balance work and health? It can result difficult to manage your stress or work in good conditions. The first step is to be mindful of your wellbeing, in all the small and vital decisions you make.

Here’s how.

  1. Drink More Water
The human body is more than 60% water. We need it to get rid of fatigue, energizes our muscles, think clearer, control your appetite and keep your skin healthy. There are so many direct and indirect benefits of drinking water, and you will quickly realize that once you start drinking 7 glasses of water a day.
  1. Avoid Caffeine After Lunch

Another cup of coffee might push you through the last hour of your day, but it will also keep you awake that same night.That will result in a lack of sleep and another tired day at work

To break that vicious cycle, make coffee a morning treat, not an afternoon pickup.

  1. Sit Properly

Sitting is a big part of most modern vocations, and although it’s a pretty simple thing to do, many of us unnecessarily strain ourselves when we sit.To ensure that your body isn’t suffering when you sit, ensure that your chair gives you adequate back. You can also switch with a Swiss ball to protect your lower back and promote a better posture.Also, it’s important to adjust your monitor to be at eye level, to avoid straining your neck.

  1. Get Up

Now that you have learned to sit properly, it’s time to stand up.Our bodies don’t like sitting down for extended periods of time. Your neck starts to cramp, your legs fall asleep, and your back feels like it needs to be walked on by a skilled masseuse. 
All of that can be avoided, by doing some physical activity every so often. So, take a walk down to the coffee shop, or stand awkwardly by the water cooler for a few moments. Stand up when you have to do phone calls.Just do something.

  1. Snack Differently 

We all live with the temptation to snack, and it can become far too easy to go through a chocolate bar or five throughout the workday. Opt for healthy snacks that will release energy throughout the day. Pair that with a light, balanced lunch, and the results will show on the scales, and in your productivity levels.

  1. Wash Your Hands

Your desk, keyboard, mouse, and dare I say it, your communal lavatory, are all breeding grounds for bacteria, and washing your hands a few times a day is your best defence. Also, you can spritz some Purair purifying spray in the air. With its antibacterial properties, it will allow you to breathe fresh air and boost your natural defences over time.

  1. Manage Your Stress

Stress is an inevitability, especially in the modern workplace. But instead of stressing over the amount of stress you’re under, be proactive in managing it. An occasional spa day, time with friends or even a good book are all proven stress relievers. Also, use your vacation time strategically to help you re-energize.

  1. Set Goals

Working towards the deadlines and targets set by your employer can become soul destroying. To give life to your workday, set your own complementary goals, and do your best to achieve them. Being able to check things off your list regularly throughout the day is an awesome energy booster, so be sure you give yourself ample opportunities to do just that.

  1. Connect With People

You make work in a busy environment with lots of different people. You may even meet or communicate with your colleagues regularly. But are you connecting with anybody? Your place of work is a place of professionalism, no doubt. But don’t be afraid to make friendly gestures to grow closer to your team. Social interactions will relieve your stress levels, and may even bring some extra happiness to your work life.

After all, what’s healthier than happiness?


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