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Best Travel Tips

Best Travel Tips

Sun, sea and a lot of traveling! This week we asked the beautiful London based model and influencer Rudie Mccree (@rudiemccree) about her top tips to stay looking and feeling fresh whilst travelling, plus why she enjoys using our products!

What are your 'in-flight' must haves?

Flying always really irritates and dries out my skin so I also make sure I have a really hydrating face mask with me to apply on the plane to make sure my skin stays nourished. I am a really light sleeper and struggle to sleep on the plane, a little goodnight balm helps me relax and chill out on the plane. A few s'pritz' of 'Purair' throughout the flight is a really nice way to feel a little more refreshed and stops me from feeling nauseous.

What three products could you not travel without?

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is a real favorite of mine to use on lips and dry areas of my skin. Sun and salt can really dry out your lips so making sure I have an intense treatment for them is a must!

1001 Remedies Treasure Oil is an amazing multi-purpose oil. The travel size is  ideal for throwing in your handbag whilst your out and about and putting on your hair and skin as and when you need.

It’s always a must to pack some sort of healing cream for your trip! Cuts, bites, grazes and spots are always bound to happen! A reliable 'healing potion' is a necessity when going away!

How do you maintain the perfect tan?

Making sure I have the right SPF for my skintype. I tan quite well so enjoy using an oil in SPF 30 as this offers enough protection without prevnting me from getting any colour. Aftersun care is really improtant to ensuring your tan is glowy and healthy, the 1001 Remedies Treasure Oil is incredibly replensihing and nourishing after a day in the sun.

In-flight Skincare Routine

I never wear make-up to the airport if I can avoid it. As soon as the plane takes off I make sure to gently cleanse my skin with a hydrating toner and apply a really hydrating sheet mask leaving it on for as long as I can. Once I removed the sheet mask I make sure to massage in any remaining serum left on the skin before layering over an intense moisturiser and finish with a hydrating spray. Throughout the flight I keep my skin topped up with moisturiser and spray to ensure it stays hyrdrated.

How do you make sure you still get a good nights sleep even on long haul flights?

I always make sure i travel with a neck pillow, some slipper socks, a large scarf or blanket and both Purair and Goodnight balm. Making yourself as comfortable and cozy as posssible plus the fresh scent of purair and the calming properties of goodnight balm are great for easing you into a sleep so you last feeling fresh and rested.

Any tips for keeping your hair healthy whilst you in the sun and sea?

Keep a hair oil on hand at all times! In the flight, in your beach bag, making sure you are keeping your hair nourished is so important. 1001 Remedies treasure oil is ideal for retainig your hair's moisture. Night treatments are also great! Either applying a lot of treasure oil or a conditioning mask to leave in overnight.

How do you make sure you are eating healthy on the plane?

Preperation is key! Plane food is never very healthy and often not very tasty either. Making sure you stock up on healthy food once your through security is really important. Fresh fruits, salads, snack bars, smoothies, nuts and snack bars are all brilliant to snack on during your flight. You also need to make sure you are drinking a lot of water! Flights are really dehydrating so making sure you are drinking enough water whilst your on your flight is really important!






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