Facing autumn like a wonder woman

f57de74075dfcc930d97fabe9abba996I remember even today the years of my childhood when September was a moment of complete excitement as school was soon to start. I was anxious to see all my friends and hear their summer stories and tell them mine, with the required drop of fantasy here and there of course. The quaint detail is that my mother was never as excited as me and I wasn’t able to understand her until I had my own children.

Now, looking at things from the other side, I can tell you September is for me just a moment where all my mummy worries multiply by 10 and when my moments of peace and tranquility diminish by the same amount. Not only will the weather get worse every single day, but I know my 9 year-old and I know some light rain will not stand between and the football ball. All that energy they have at his age will surely end up with a flu (and who is going to be taking care of him? yes, that’s me) unless I make sure to watch over him and my over-protective hen instinct is simply terrified at that thought.

So I figured to share with you ladies some of the tips I learned along the years on how to protect your family as the cold season approaches and most importantly, something that we so often forget about, how to take care of yourselved and your own body as well. We all know that without us the whole house would fall apart so let us make sure we give ourselved the appropriate care!


Chapter 1: The Return to School

Ok so I was telling you in the begining of how happy I was to start school in September. Well Adam, my son is the improved, upgraded version of me. And as I know him, I will see him going out and playing footbal with his friends every single day. Nschool1ow that’s amazing, I love that he is passionate about something, but it’s also terrifying because from my experience in the past years, no rain, wind or London weather will stop him. And he will get sick, inevitably. Not only that but school also means that he will be exposed to all sorts of viruses that circulate through the crowds, especially in autumn. Knowing that, I was constantly worried about him and I even started to buy vitamins and other supplements, just to make sure he stays safe and protected.

But then I talked to my mother and she gave me the best advice possible (mums are the best!). She told me that back in the days when I was a child, the only way to make sure me and my sisters stayed safe was to strengthen our own immune system. And she achieved that by making sure we had the proper diet but also by making us inhale a few drops of essential oils every time we felt weakened. She told me that it was a routine that never failed so I thought to try the same with Adam last year.citrus-colds

First of all, as my mother used to say, making sure they eat plenty of fruit is of paramount importance. No nutritional supplements can replace a balanced and rich diet. Studies show that vitamin C can slow down the development of the disease by one day. And that means a huge difference both for your children and for every mother I am convinced. The best way to get your necessary dose of vitamin C is by eating lots of citrus, of course. Every autumn and winter I introduce at least one grapefruit/orange/citrus in my son’s diet. Although maybe not as exotic, garlic is also one really good ingredient I started to slip in my son’s food. It contains allicin, a sulfuric compound that produces strong antioxidants as it enters the body. Studies actually show that people who eat garlic catch less colds than thos who do not, so I did not think twice before making it an essential part of Adam’s diet.

Purair_air_purifying_spray_with_ingredientsAlso, I remembered that my mom used to make us inhale a few drops of essential oils when we felt sick. I remember that particular fresh of eucalyptus oil every time the cold season approached. The good thing about it is that it contains 1,8-cineol, a natural organic compound that has an amazing anti-viral effect. Now if I thought my mom’s idea was good, I can’t explain you my joy as I discovered thePurAir spray, that contains not one, but 19 essential oils. This purifying spray has an amazing smell and I use it daily even just to refresh the rooms. And I can’t tell you how relieved I feel knowing that not only my house smells amazingly fresh, but that Adam is also protected. I use thePurAir at night as well, spraying it on the bed sheets, and this way I make sure the air he breaths is pure and protects his natural defences for the rest of the autumn.

Last year I could actually notice how my son’s immune system was strengthened and I was incredibly relieved. I cannot stress enough how true my mother’s advice was. Nothing works better than natural ingredients and remedies as they will be accepted by the body immediately. On top of everything, essential oils are proven to increase the body’s immune system, so I see it as a lifetime’s investment.

Chapter 2: The secrets of a wonder woman

OK, we’ve been talking so far about children, family and it is probably the most frequent thing that I have noticed with all the amazing women I’ve met – we forget about ourselves. And that’s so easy once the children enter your life, because your whole universe starts to concentrate on them. The bad news for all you wonder women is that we are human and our bodies need some rest as well. “Easier said than done” I hear many of you saying. How, oh how, to find time for ourselved when everything depends on us? The children, the house, even your husband they all seem to need us constantly. They do, you are an essential part of all these things, but you are also an individual and you need to pamper yourself in order to stay strong.

As my son was growing up, I started to grasp another reason why my mother was less excited than me about September. It was because shegiphyhad to match all my energy and willingness to discover thing, go on adventures, ask questions, show her things, make her do things and I assume that at the end of the day she was just exhausted. Children are amazing as they start to discover the world, but they’re also the best at getting hurt, so you need to be constantly keeping an eye on them and that is just so tiring sometimes.

So the result is that at night I just feel tired, yet filled of all the hustle and bustle of the day and I find a very hard time falling asleep. And on top of everything Adam still wants to play and I sometimes just feel overwhelmed. It is difficult to be a wonder woman – juggling my professional duties, my mum duties, the household chores and still find some time to spend with my husband – without feeling a sort of anxiety at the end of day that will simply not let you sleep.duo1

Now if I was telling you about the wonders the PurAir did for my entire family, I can’t help myself to reccomend you a product that would perfectly complement the PurAir and this is the amazing sleep and anti-stress balm calledGood Night. I just couldn’t think of a better combination than these two products. The Good Night is equally based on 10 essential oils, but this time these are oils that will soothe your nerves and allow you to relax and fall asleep more peacefully. I used it not only for me, but also for Adam during those nights when he wanted to hear another story (and another one, and another one…) and I just wanted to sleep. The result was amazing. No more restless nights on his side and as for me, I was able to really rest during the night. I had felt so many times that I woke up in the morning more tired than the day before, but after applying thisdeep sleep balm I woke up with that feeling that my body had actually rested as it should have, that feeling that I only got when I went on holidays.

So in conclusion, I think today’s post was just to remind you ladies of the importance of maintaining a balanced life, a wellbeing philosophy in every aspect of our lives and inspire that same beliefs to our children. I wish Adam to grow strong and healthy and I wish him to understand the importance and power of nature. I also wish to achieve a balanced routine for myself, independently of my family and that is why I want to take care of my well being. As this autumn is approaching I can aready feel more relieved and more confident in myself. I feel it is going to be one of the best Septembers in a long time, maybe even better than back in the times of my childhood. What about you ladies? Are you ready for a wellness September?