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1001 Remedies - A brand built by you

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We created 1001 Remedies because we realised that we were surrounded by gorgeous, strong women that didn’t need one more beauty brand to make them beautiful for the others, but a brand that would help them feel beautiful for themselves. 1001 Remedies is creating, together with you, a new concept of beauty, beauty that starts with wellbeing, beauty inside out. This is why, for us, your opinion and your needs are essential. At 1001 Remedies, you are building the brand together with us.

This is why we have created a survey especially designed for you to have a say in the launch of our new products. We want to know what you would like to have in your products, because it is your wellbeing that matters for us and that defined our brand since its creation.

How our products were born

We know that the current beauty market is invading us with promises of eternal beauty and glam, but how many of those promises are actually made for our wellbeing and how many of them are protecting our health?

We started to design our PurAir precisely because we had realised that we women actually need to feel healthy before putting on make-up and that we want the same thing for our families. This is why we have invented this immunity-boosting spray that not only fills your lungs with a refreshing, delightful scent but also protects your immunity and that of your loved ones in the long term.

We also realised that many women were submitted to high levels of stress. And let’s be honest, being a working girl, a mom and an attractive woman is hard and more than anything stressful. We realised that no products answered problems such as stress, anxiety or insomnia in a caring, soothing way. With that in mind, we went looking for some of the rarest essential oil, such as Melissa or Neroli, and created the Good Night sleeping balm. This balm not only helps you relax, but envelops your body in an enchantig perfume, allowing you to have a peaceful sleep and feel protected and pampered. Because you deserve it.

Now we are setting for new adventures, new undiscovered lands and want you to join us in this trip. We need to know about your dreams, your wellness needs and hear your ideas. Imagine your own products and we will make them come true.


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