Hello Spring


In less than a month, we will welcome spring again. Sun will eventually come out, flowers will blow, temperature will rise and excess will have to stop!

Here you will find how to be well prepared for 2016 spring.

Hey winter, we love you but our bodies not that much! Cold, parties, holidays… The perfect mix for food and wine excess, as well as bad sleeps.

Our remedy? Detox Water! Super easy to make, super tasty and super helpful!

To be efficient, detox waters need to be taken as a cure, during one week, added to a healthy food.

The 3 best Detox Water recipes:

1 – Cucumber water for a flat belly

Probably the most famous detox water. It helps eliminate the toxins you have in your system and bring back the flat belly we are all looking for.

During one night, let settle some cucumber and lemon slices with mint leaves in 1.5L of water.

Drink a big glass of it once you wake-up, before eating your (healthy) breakfast.

Then, drink it all day long, and repeat it all the week.

2 – Watermelon water for detoxified body

The watermelon is a fruit full of Citrulline, which boost the vessels dilatation and helps eliminate the ammoniac our body stocked from the polluted environment we live in.

During one night, let settle some watermelon and lime slices with a few raspberries for the taste, in 1.5L of water.

Drink a big glass of it once you wake-up, before eating your (healthy) breakfast.

Then, drink it all day long, and don’t forget to eat the fruits at the end of your day!

Repeat it all the week.

3 – Hot Lime Water for the perfect digestion 

Boil 1L of water.

In a thermos, add a lemon juice, two cinnamon tbsp. and one tbsp. of organic honey.

Drink it before the meals to reduce the hunger (thanks to the cinnamon), and after the meal for a perfect digestion (thanks to the lemon).

Super easy, super tasty!


As we just said, detox water must take part of a healthy way of life, and notably, a healthy way of eating.

And guess what? We just found out the best seasonal healthy breakfast recipe! Too much people forget to have breakfast in the morning whereas we keep saying IT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY.

For this amazing recipe you will need

  • Soy milk
  • Oat
  • 1 banana
  • 1 mango
  • 2 tbsp. of organic honey
  • Some almonds

    In a bowl, place some oat with soy milk. Heat it for 1.30min in the microwaves.

    During this time, place the banana, the mango, one glass of soy milk and 2 tbsp. of honey on your blender. For those who like, you can add some ice for a smoothie result. Mix the ingredients together.

    Place this mix above your tepid oat.

    Cover it with some banana slices, and silvered almonds.

    To eat with a hot green tea and a big glass of mandarin juice.


    Time is changing, so is your skin. And a season change means a beauty routine adjustment.


    As the temperature migth be sweeter and the sun more present, we advise you to adapt your everyday moisturizer cream. During winter we tend to choose more nourishing creams as our skin can become drier.

    For spring, opt for a lighter texture as your skin won’t need as much hydration as during winter. Then, prefer a cream with a sun protection. Sun is still the first skin-aging accelerator, and a 15° temperature doesn’t mean you don’t need a protection, at all!


    Concerning the make-up routine, here again you might choose products with sun protection, notably your foundation.

    Be careful anyway because it won’t suit every skin types! Mixt and oily skins could not appreciate those formulas.

    The trend of this spring is of course the glowy face, inspired from Korean beauty. The concept is a fresh, pure, make-uped but “not that much” face.

    You will need to highlight parts of your face sur as your cheekbones, your nose, and your chin.

    The foundation must be light, the blush coloured but apply in soft hints. On your lips, just a lip balm to complete the look.


    Spring also brings some new fashion trends!

    Suede, I said suede

    This is THE trend to adopt this spring. The suede is everywhere, on the clothes, the accessories, the shoes. This 70’s revisited material conquered everyone’s heart!

    Our favourite piece? The skirt of course! Pleasant to wear, it will reveal your legs for the first sun rays, and give you attitude to rock spring!

    Stunning half-naked!

    Ready to go to bed or ready to party? This season, the lingerie outwear is making its come-back. It’s time to resurrect our baby dolls and negligees and wear them with white shirt and a leather skirt.

    Half-moon for my honeymoon

    Ok, this is the it-bag we will all want: the half-moon. Handy and pretty, the best way to carry all your stuffs looking like a lady.


    And don’t forget to Stand Up for your Wellness!


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