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How to have a stress-free wedding?

How to have a stress-free wedding?

With the royal wedding ahead, we are probably getting ready for one of the biggest events of the year. All eyes on our beautiful bride and curious about the wedding.

Our wedding days are usually one of the most important days of our lives. We start to plan it months ahead, we gather everyone to collaborate for the event, many details to consider, and so much to think about. Even if we had all the wedding organisers of the world, some small things could go wrong. And also if everything is as planned, we still get stressed.

But stress is the worst enemy of the bride. We need a stress-free wedding to enjoy our celebration of love and happiness. How do we have a stress-free wedding?

Take the morning off

Leaving some of the work on your wedding day might seem like a good idea to assure that the flowers are fresh, your nails are perfectly done, and that ice sculpture you insisted on hasn’t melted yet.

But it is also wise to leave the morning of your wedding day free for relaxing and enjoying the big day. You have already been planning this day for so long that you can now start enjoying your time.

Make sure there is someone that can fix your dress

Last minute problems are always possible, and some can be sorted easier than others, and some might not even make any difference. But your wedding dress isn’t one of them.

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Not allowing any chocolate or red wine near your wedding dress may not be enough sometimes. You should also prepare yourself te possible needs for quick alterations. Making sure that one of your bridesmaids or someone from your family knows how to fix your dress will give you a little peace of mind. After all, accidents might happen. We just need to make sure that there is a solution to fix it.

Have alone time with your new husband

Your wedding day might be busier than you were expecting. All the guest trying to take pictures with you, everyone wants to borrow you for some time, and you also want to keep up with the catering, photographer and make sure everyone is having fun.

All in this rush you might not get chance to spend any time with your new husband. And it is quite okay. You just promised to be together until the end of time already. But finding a little chance to come together for even a 5-10 minute and to make sure everything is fine and you both are happy with how the event is going will comfort you and your partner. And then you can go back to people offering your Champaign with strawberries and take pictures.

Stay hydrated

Even though staying hydrated should be a daily task for all of us, between the rush and all the planning, you might forget to help yourself with a glass of water.

Dehydration might cause dizziness, tiredness, and headaches in the short term, and much severe effects on the longer term.

Make sure you are hydrated and healthy on your wedding day. After all, you will want to remember that magical day for the rest of your life.


Meditating is one of the best activities to gain some mindfulness, get some peace, focus on your thoughts and to relax while getting away from stress. On your wedding day, you would like to be stress-free and calm, and possibly enjoy your time as much as possible without getting nervous about small things.

On the morning of your wedding day, spend some time for yourself. Fill your bedroom with PurAir air purifier spray and meditate. Spending only a couple of minutes of meditation will help you to relax and have a stress-free wedding.

Have a good night’s sleep

No one would want to be a yawning bride on their weddings. Making sure you sleep well on the night before your wedding will prepare you to wake up to a refreshed morning. With well-rested energy, you will be able to handle every stone on the way and have a stress free wedding.

It could be harder than usual to fall asleep on the night before your wedding day. All the excitement and also stress might you keep awake, and all the small thoughts might pass the hours of the night without any rest.

Make sure you use Good Nigh relaxing sleep balm to stay relaxed on the night before your wedding. Only apply a small amount of Good Night relaxing sleep balm into your wrists and chest, and leave yourself to the relaxing scents of natural essential oils. They will help you to get into the deepest and most relaxing sleep with sweetest dreams, and you can wake up to your big day much energetic and ready for the event.  



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