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How to make the best of your last days of summer

Well summer is alm5cc39bb680ca95fd35c8315cb4239db8ost over, but that only means one thing: you must make the best of these few weeks left of sun and warm weather (unless you live in the UK…). Many of us stress a lot over the entire year so a cozy warm couple of weeks on the beach will harm no one. So if you haven’t already booked your holidays, wait no more! Call some friends, grab the first train towards the beach and just enjoy the sun and the sound of the ocean.

Now we know that the last days of August might not be as warm and sunny as the first two months of the summer, so that is why you will want to make sure that your summer glam is sustained at all times by a healthy and rested body. So that’s why in this blog I am going to share with you some tips on how to take care of ourselves while on holiday and how to choose products that not only make us look beautiful, but actually allow us to be healthier and to feel better. 

How’s your immune system? 

giphyThere’s nothing I love more about summer than travelling to some new place and just escaping the routine back home for once. However, new places, as exotic as they might be, are also a danger to your immunity, as you expose yourself to new environments and to crowded places, where the risk of contacting light viruses such as flu are however higher and all the more significant when you are travelling with young children, whose immunity is not as strong as that of an adult.

Now I have seen many mums using antibacterial gels to wipe their children’s hands and toys when travelling, but I think that habit must always be backed by information about the product. Many of these gels and other products might protect against bacteria, but contain highly nocive chemicals that could affect the skin and the entire body in the long term.

What I use and I cannot reccomend it sufficiently enough, is the PurAir spray. I just love this product because one the one hand I know it is 100% safe for me and my family since it is based on pure essential oils no dangerous chemicals included and because it is a spray that not only purifies the air (you can litterally feel that you’re breathing a cleaner air) but also strengthens the entire body. So if you’re travelling and you feel you’re coming down with a cold, don’t let it ruin your holiday and just spray a few doses of PurAir and you’ll feel immediately reinvigorated. The secret to that is the antiviral oils they have used to create this spray. Oils such as the Ravinsara essential oil are indicated by all the aromatherapy specialist as perfect antimicrobials.

Strong is the new beautiful

I believegiphy (1) we nourish our bodies not only through what we eat, but also through the body care products we use. But in the huge offer we are exposed to, it’s sometimes difficult to choose the right product. Here however, my rule remains the same: natural is the best.

This summer for example, my most trusted beach friend was a body and hair oil whose function is not only to make your skin smoother, but also to strengthen its elasticity and to help your hair maintain its concentration of proteins. The Treasure Oil definitely deserves its name because this pure argan oil is a real treasure. It has strong wellbeing effect, because after I apply it I can litterally feel how it penetrates the skin and hydrates it. I’m also using it for my nails, because they have the tendency to break very easily and applying argan oil will strengthen them.

The effect it has had on my hair was amazing because I’ve always had rather dried hair, definitely not a glamorous look. After using this Treasure Oil a couple of times, I could literaly feel how my hair becomes stronger and more silky, revitalised. And what I love best about this product is that it has quite a natural, pleasant smell, unlike many argan oils out there on the market.

A wild (but safe) summer

So our advice for these last days of summer? Enjoy every bit of it! Do remember though that you need to be kind to your body and protect your natural defences even while you’re having the best time of the year, so don’t forget to bring with you some healthy, organic care products. The best thing about the PurAir and the Treasure Oil is that they also come in mini sizes so they’re ideal to take along in your beach bag. So don’t wait any longer! Pack your thinks, book your ticket and discover these and more amazing 1001 Remedies!


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