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How to plan a perfect week end

Cozy week end It’s Friday everyone!!! Now I don’t know about you guys, but for me Saturday morning is essential in having a next two perfect days. So this is why I like to take my time, rest well, maybe linger in bed with a cup of tea or coffee and just be lazy. It’s probably a way of taking my revenge of those early mornings spent in the tube, you probably know the feeling and understand the importance of being lazy whenever we can.

So this week, I am going to tell you a bit about my morning weekend routine, about how to rest well and get ready for a new week, like the wonder women we all are and how to just take some time for ourselves. We ladies are always so much preoccupied about others, about our family, our children, our careers that we so often forget to just take some moments for the main actress – us. So let’s learn to love ourselves a bit more this weekend!

Step nr. 1: Have a good night’s sleep

I cannot stress enough how important sleeping well is if you want to feel energised the nexgiphyt day. We all need at least eight hours a day of sleep, but unfortunately we don’t all manage to achieve that. Insomnia is a problem of our time now more than ever. We are constantly connected to some sort of information flow so our brains are constantly running, which makes it more difficult to disconnect at nighttime. Insomniacs are generally characterised by a hyper-excitable nervous system, pretty much like young children when they don’t get enough sleep – they become hyper aroused.

Also, even if you are not an insomniac by nature, you may find it hard to relax at night and it probably takes you a while until you fall asleep. You have too many things running through your head, too many things you worry about and you just can’t stop thinking about it all. I know what it feels, we’ve all been there. What I would advise in that case, is to go back to traditional medicine and see what people used in the old days to treat anxiety or hyper-excitation.

Untitled designWell we’re no gods ourselves but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve the same treatment – or better – right? This is why 1001 Remedies have created the
Good Night sleep balm which is really magic with its aroma that seems to take you instantly to a world of dreams. And they haven’t used only Neroli for it, they used 10 essential oils! This balm is really soothing and it is a caring product I dare say. Every time I used it I feel somehow safe and protected, the scent gives me a pampering feeling and it’s just perfect to apply before hiding under my duvet. And on top of everything, I really have a quiet sleep, – which normally doesn’t happen very often – and the next day I feel so much more positive and full of life!One such essential oils is the Neroli essential oil. This old remedy originates on the shores of the Mediteranean and was actually used by ancient Egyptian priests in their religious rituals since it relaxed the spirit and induced a state of wellbeing. It was also used in the process of embalming because of it enchanting aroma that was only worthy of a god, such as the pharaos.

Step nr. 2: Dare to be lazy!

So it’s Saturday. Rule number 1: stay in bed until late. Wake up at 10 the earliest, and make your way slowly to the kitchen. Get a cup of coffe7454986f7f57d528c4d29fe5f217e5f4e or tea and then…go back to bed. I think this is my favourite routine of all times, just enjoying my morning coffee and read a book or watch a movie. Just taking my time, without that feeling that I have to be somewhere and that I have to hurry up.

Then what I really like is to take a long bubble bath in the middle of the day. I can jus relax and listen to some music and just spend all the time I want in the bath tub, just enjoying that moment for myself! I would probably call a friend, talk about everything and anything and just digging that feel that there is no rush and I can just relax and feel good.

Beauty tips: what I usually do is to spray some Treasure Oil on my hair two or three hours before I take the bath. It leaves my hair really silky and full of glow and it just looks and feels amazing. I also spray some on my body after the bath, because it really leaves the skin very moisturised and it also makes it look a lot more glowing, which is what I want in summer time. Since I have quite dry skin, I also use Soin Millenaire for my face. This cream is really amazing because you can actually feel your skin refreshed and more alive immediately. It gives a minty feeling that is just what I need after all that lazy time and it just makes me feel that I’m ready to go and conquer the world!

Step nr. 3: Do something for yourself!

And by that I mean you, yes, you! Leave the kids with dad for a while and just call your best friend and invite hergiphy (1) to a movie or to a shopping session! Or do something new, something crazy, something fun! Last week I just went to the train station and took the first train without knowing where it leads me. I ended up in gorgeous Hastings and had probably the best view of my life.

Life is all about discovering new things, new experiences and testing your own limits. So dare! Dare to say yes to what you don’t know, to what you though you could never do, but always dreamt of doing. It might be the best experience of your life!

So first things first. Start by an intense pampering session and feel beautiful for yourselves, not for others. Invest not only in your exterior beauty but also in your health, because true beauty is inside out.


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