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How to soothe your Summer Skin Problems!

How to soothe your Summer Skin Problems!

We all long for that summer glow but sometimes we’re hit too much with the reality of our skin just freaking out and not playing ball. The dreamy idea of summer conjures up images of basking in the sunshine, relaxing in the garden or going on a hike in the wilderness. However, sudden exposure to the sun can throw severe summer skin problems at us, especially if (like us) you’ve spent the winter cosied up indoors.

Much to our dismay, the summer climate welcomes insects, sweat and dust, which can all cause your skin to break out into rashes, blisters and even acne or diseases if you’re not super careful. Read below for some of our best advice on how to both prevent and treat.

Problem: Insect bites

Insects such as mosquitoes, ants, ticks, fleas etc can ruin your summer holidays, we’ve all been there scratching and in pain when really we should be heading down to the beach. It’s best to also go prepared with repellent to avoid them in the first place, a natural based repellent with citronella would be fine. If you unfortunate enough to get bitten, instantly soothe with an aloe vera based gel such as our Magic Skin or use one of the following home ingredient remedies:

  • Activated charcoal
  • Raw honey
  • Aloe vera
  • Baking soda
  • Basil
  • Garlic

Problem: Heat rash or prickly heat

Heat rash in both adults and children arise due to hot, humid weather and is very common. Such conditions cause our sweat glands to work harder than usual. If you end up wearing tight, synthetic clothes, the sweat is held against your skin causing it to erupt into heat rash or even, more rarely, miliaria.

First and foremost you need to ensure you’re drinking enough water to keep the sweat glands functioning properly - hydration is key! The simplest cure is to stay indoors in a cool, climate controlled environment or next best thing keep your skin cool by sitting under a fan. To get rid of prickly heat rash quickly, bathe in cool water and wear loose cotton clothing. You can also use an Aloe Vera gel, oatmeal bath, and/or antihistamines to prevent itchiness and burning of the skin.

Problem: Uneven skintone

Research has shown “UV sun exposure and heat are major culprits in hyperpigmentation, and most people are exposed to both of them more during the summer than other times of the year”. For anyone prone to pigmentation, expect more flare-ups in the summer months. Even wearing a high factor to protect your skin, we now know that heat from being outdoors can trigger high melanin production and inflammation.

“Apply sunscreen all year round” Sofia Belcadi states, CEO at 1001 Remedies. The sun is one of the biggest causes of pigmentation in the skin and it’s very common. Wearing a minimum of SPF 30 will greatly minimize the chance of seeing age spots and sunspots over time. SPF check! Now to look after your skincare routine, starting with gentle exfoliation, it’s beneficial for breaking up the pigmented cells to allow them to fade. Once you’ve cleansed, use Soin Millenaire anti-aging moisturiser to put that glow back in your skin!

Stay safe this Summer and Shop 1001 Remedies for you natural skincare essentials!


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