How to stay beautiful anytime, anywhere

I know it has ever been easy to bcinderellae a woman, but I have the feeling that today’s women have a really hard task on their hands. Having to slip ourselves between being a successful career woman, a lovely wife/girlfriend  and a mom that knows it all and does it all, the life of a 2015 woman is far from simple. What I find to be quite challenging is to preserve our feminine and attractive side in this maze of never-ending responsibilities. How am I supposed to be a glamorouse presence at parties or meet-ups with my friends when my only desire (profound, sincere desire) is to sleep and when everybody can read it on my tired face? Well one grows and learns in time and I have learnt in time as well that there are some tricks that can make us ladies look gorgeous in society even when we feel like our unique goal in life should be to take a rest somewhere far away into the mountains, in jeans and with a cup of coffee in our hands. That part should come eventually, because we all need to take time for ourselves and just put our busy lives on ‘pause’ but in the meantime, let’s see how to create a tiny wellness oasis right in the heart of our busy cities.

 1. Take a bubble bath and allow yourself to enjoy it


I had never understood the importance of relaxing baths until recently. I was always too busy or too practical for that. A 10-minutes shower used to suffice. Then I discovered that a good relaxing bubble bath can work wonders but not only on your body, but on your mind as well. In fact, allowing 20 extra minutes for yourself and just indulging in the sheer pleasure of standing there in your bathtub, letting all worries go away and enjoying the warm bubbles, this is really the best therapy I can reccomend.

Then, what I do is to complement this ritual by some well being product that will soothe my body and mind. For me this goes beyond the typical beauty ritual and is more like a balance ritual. It’s how I get into contact with my inner self again, the one that I so often forget about on busy week days. Now what I really enjoy is my last discovery, a wellbeing duo that takesduo1care of both your nerves (and that’s so important for us ladies juggling with all those tasks at the same time) and your health. This duo is composed of the Good Night anti-anxiety balm and the PurAir air purifying spray.

The Good Night is a real gift from the  gods if you tend to get easily anxious because it contains essential oils that have been renowned for centuries for their nerve soothing properties and it will allow you to calm down since the first moment you smell its enticing perfume.

The PurAir is another miracle because not only does it create an incredible perfume in your house, but it also strenghtens your natural defences. And this is something incredibly important if you have a certain tendency, like me, to overwork and forget about your own health. Your immune system will send you a huge ‘thank you’ at the first note of freshness released by this amazing product.

2. Preserving your youth glow the Japanese way

That’s right, the Japanese way. The thing is that unfortunately, we are growing old faster than our mothers used to. Or at least this is how it happened in my case. I started to have wrinkles a lot earlier than it happened in my mother’s case and this is generally because of the ageing caused by stress and anxiety. It is a fact that oxidative stresss does not help our body look any younger. While I cannot remedy this because I love my job and stress has become my way of life, I found out that I can hide it pretty easily and in the natural way. What raised my concern in the last years was that many brands offering serums and anti-ageing creams were also offering a highly chemical solution in all their products, which was harming my body in the long term.

This is why I decided to look for a natural way of looking younger and I found it in this amazing cream, called Soin Millenaire. Now I say amazing not it’s not just words in the wind. I just love this cream because it brought me the secrets of the far east (it’s based on a Japanese mushroom, called the maitake which plumps the skin and reduces wrinkles by 14% after only one month and prickly pear seed oil that I know women of the desert used to maintain that typical oriental beauty of theirs) in a French, luxurious package. I apply this cream after getting out of my bathtub and I immediately feel refreshed, younger and glamorous. Enough to say that I feel ready to party all night long. Ready to be the star of the night as I used to be in my 20s.

3. Take it easy

These are all tips and tricks that I discovered with time, and they all work very well for me but let us not forget about one important thing: you need to take a break from time to time. It’s good to be an important part of everyone’s life and I think that I talk for everyone when I say our families are the most important thing we have. But it does not mean that we should forget to take care of ourselves. Our ressources and awesomeness are not a never ending ressource and from time to time we need to just take a weekend away from it all. So from time to time, dare to say goodbye to the big city, grab a train and allow yourself a few days by the sea or in a forest. Your body will be grateful and you will surely not regret it.


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