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How to stay healthy during the holidays ?

How to stay healthy during the holidays ?

Here we are, our favourite time of the year. Cold air, Festive lights, Christmas trees and others decorations. It is what dreams are made of.

Happiness is in the air. Nevertheless, if you are like me, the holiday seasons can also be a little bit stressful with the whole organization. Oh, and of course I am tending to a not healthy at all holiday life. No worries! Here is how to stay healthy during the holiday season:

Make your needs and personal well-being a priority is our definition of a healthy holiday. It is your time, slow down, take a breather. Feel relaxed and recharged to enjoy this holidays, take time to enjoy the beauty of the season and your loved ones.


1- Enjoy the food:

Eat the delicious and special Christmas treat's cookies, drink the wine, and most importantly don’t feel guilty. The holidays only come one time a year. Make a balance and enjoy every minute without regret. 

2- Move...:

Move your body in a gentle way. Yoga relaxes you, improves your energy and protects you from injury. Go for a walk in the Christmas markets. Spending time outside when the sun shines through is better than nothing to get some vitamin D and clear your head. Go seeing all the festive decorations and lights is a good way to improve your mood as well. For the most adventurous, try ice skating or others classic wintertime experience. A funny way to workout with your friends and family.

3- ...and Chill: 

Get Yourself a cosy and fuzzy holiday pyjama to keep yourself warm and cosy while chilling home. You can, it is the holiday season. Watch your favourite Christmas movie and make it a tradition where you don’t do anything but relax. It’s your day to stay in and do whatever you want to do. Like taking a warm bath, a real one, with candles, bath bomb and some good music. Spiced it up applying some Good night balm on you tension points for the ultimate self-care, relaxing and wellbeing moment of your holidays.

4- Add festive scents to your home:

Make your home a heaven of winter scents with essential oils or candles during this time of the year.  Peppermint, Cinnamon, Ho wood and Ravinstara...Cosy, relaxing and invigorating. Try spritzing some Purair- purifying room spray around for a boost and detox.

5- Check in with yourself:

As the end of the year approaches, take some time to reflect on everything big and small that happened throughout the year that you’re grateful for. Read it at the beginning of the new year and rejoice in all the positive things that happened, and all the great things that are to come. 

Stop, take a breather and take note of how you’re really feeling. Do you feel happy? Do you feel stressed? Acknowledge that feeling and ask yourself what’s making you feel that way. You can then choose to act on it or simply let it go without any judgment. Being in touch with how we feel throughout the day helps us to be more present and gentler with how we project our emotions.

Happy mindful holidays !

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