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Learn to Love yourself before you love anyone else!

Learn to Love yourself before you love anyone else!

 Learn to love yourself before you love anyone else

Often in life we're met with circumstances that lead us to believe that we are less important or that if we spend time taking care of ourselves, we are selfish and even narcissistic. This is not only absolutely wrong but also demeaning. In this season of spreading and celebrating love, it becomes very important to understand that the only constant love you're ever going to get from anyone is yourself.

Irrespective of how you may plan your world, life or relationships, the truth is that you will find yourself in your soul company. Further, unlike the popular beliefs, psychological researches state that your relationship with anyone else is based on how you benchmark yourself. In easier words, it is how you view yourself mirrors your expectations and actions of those around you. It is only healthy thus to have a loving relationship with yourself before you find love in anyone else.

This in no way means that you should over-look humility and kindness. In fact, those are the key elements to this healthy relationship with the self. However, loving yourself means excepting yourself for everything you are and constantly assessing yourself and working towards a life for yourself that is in the paradigms mental and physical wellness.

Don't sham or bully yourself into sticking to rules or under parameters, instead fall in love with your imperfections and work cohesively with your mind, body and soul to be the best version of yourself, everyday. And, it will be a matter of time that stress will be story of the past and the fitness plans that you detest today will be looked forward to.

Some simulators like natural oil base Aromatherapy are the best fix when taking your first step towards a lifestyle as described. But, mostly, it is about finding peace within. Which only comes with unconditional love.

So, next time you look for someone to love or for a reason why you can't love, look in the mirror and learn to love the person within.

“Love only yourself a little bit longer, until you can't stand not to love someone else.”
― Kiera Cass, Happily Ever After

Happy Valentines day! <3



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