How to improve my health and wellbeing?

  • What is the Essence of Wellness?

    Ask yourself in your everyday hectic life if you are giving enough consideration to your personal wellbeing, If you are giving enough importance to taking such a good care of yourself.

    At 1001 Remedies, our passion is to spread Wellness around and make you travel through the journey of the senses.
    Our formulas are inspired by a quest for authenticity and baked by Science.
    We tried to define the Essence of Wellness and expressed it in a Set to share with you the best rituals across the globe for your Health, Beauty and Wellness.

    Starting the morning with freshness, Purair purifies your air and make you feel reinvigorated. A blend of essentials oils carefully selected for a vivifying and healthy breathing. A walk through nature's purest scents which brings you energy for the day.

    From the Orient beauty rituals, we have selected the maitake. The Japanese miracle mushroom is a source of antioxidant for your skin, a shield against free-radicals and the oxidative stress causing the sign of ageing.
    Soin Millenaire is our secret for a smooth, naturally plumped and healthily glowing skin. Recovering its firmness and elasticity by naturally activate the collagen production.

    Sleeping, vital but often underconsidered for its importance. Things to do, late bedtime, stress, anxiety or insomnia disrupt your sleeping routine and impact your health and general wellbeing.
    Our Good night balm has been thought to help you relax and ease away those anxieties to prepare you for a journey through 1001 nights of Wellness. A combination of calming and naturally sedative essential oils gathered to offer you restful moments with mindfulness. Like yoga in a pot.

    Awake and Stand up for your Wellness! For a Soulful journey of the senses, for a travel through the Essence of Wellness

    Our precious gift for you, your family and your friends...

    1001 Remedies