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Our Story

Our Story

1001 Remedies begins with a passion for natural health and the desire to stand up for wellness and the next generation of natural remedies. 
Founder Sofia was born and raised in Paris, her uncle, a pharmacologist beleived natural remedies could be just as effective and far less harmful than typical medication. He brewed alternative remedies in his atelier and became her first insight into alternative wellbeing. Soon her uncle’s remedies were quickly used by all the family and many friends. As Sofia  to London and started a family, her awareness of pollution and daily stress urged her to look for alternative methods of improving the wellbeing of her family.
With the repetitive use of chemicals to treat small ailments, our immune systems become weakened.  Natural remedies are rarely used and as a consequence of this we are becoming ever more disconnected with our health and wellbeing. 1001 remedies focuses on natural, herbal ingredients from mother earth,  made for  the 21st century to assist us in our hectic everyday lives. With help from a French aromatherapy laboratory famed for it’s rare and precious essential oils, Sofia worked for almost 2 years to create a brand that combined state of the art science, ancient exotic ingredients and of course a hint of Parisian “je ne sais quoi”. 
Our philosophy is encouraging women to consider their overall wellbeing, using natural products that are effective and work to improve the quality of your day. Unlike other natural beauty brands the products do not contain any synthetic perfumes, are vegan friendly and free from any harmful chemicals such as parabens and phthalates. Ingredients are sourced from all over the globe to ensure everything is the highest quality.   
The concept of wellbeing is different for each individual. Find out what needs adapting in your own life, then take small steps to improve your day. One of the best times of the day to make a positive change is the morning. Just as you would have your morning lemon water and a probiotic, or perhaps do some yoga to the rise of the sun, our Purair home spray is the antidote to pollution. With 19 natural essential oils with antiviral and immunity boosting properties, a few sprays in the corners of your room and on your bedsheets are the perfect accompaniment to your morning routine and a simple way to purify and detoxify your home. 
We aim to contribute to improving the life of the farmers  who source our product and decided to donate 1% of our profits to the UCFA association. UCFA is the largest women cooperative in Morocco for the production of Argan oil. By diverting some money to UCFA, we would pay tribute to the work and courage of these women and help them becoming financially independent.
1001 remedies was born and continue to thrives from a family love for wellbeing and health. Bringing simple effective rituals to your every day life.


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