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Refresh, retreat and rest with mindfulness holidays

Refresh, retreat and rest with mindfulness holidays

We often feel like we are stuck in the busy and stressful everyday life. Responsibilities are holding us, overflowing to do list are stressing us, and we never have the time to relax and feel a moment of peace and mindfulness.

We all need a break!

In fact, we need to relax the most when we don’t have the time for it.

With the holiday time right around the corner you might have already booked your big summer holidays full of sunshine and the sea, but do we have to wait until the summer holiday? Of course not! With little breaks from life’s always running, hectic rush, you can improve your mind and body health and lead to a happier life.

Take your heart as a guide

Have you ever thought about how our hearts work 7/24, without ever taking a holiday? Our strongest muscle owes its power to its relaxation period in every heartbeat. While our hearts are working nonstop to keep us live, they are resting their muscles on each heartbeat, which is making them stronger!

So, take your heart as your guide and give yourself a beautiful relaxation period form the busy rush of everyday life.

Have a mindfulness holiday

It may not always be possible to leave everything and take a week off all switched off and to try to relax. Responsibilities you left behind might eventually remind themselves and try to bring you back to your busy agendas.

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But with mindfulness holidays, you can take the break you need and appreciate your mind and body wellness. Only with a weekend trip or even a-day holiday, you can help your wellbeing and feel refreshed and healthier.

Here are our tips on how you can make the most of your mindfulness holidays.

Switch off to switch on

When you are trying to relax and enjoy being in the moment, a sudden email from work might take all your relaxation and calmness away.

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Switch off all your connections with the rush of the world. No phones, no internet, no work. Take your time off to give yourself what you need. Prioritise yourself. After all, it is only for a little break. Enjoy your time being with yourself and don’t let anyone or anything to intrude. We all need some personal time!

Travel local

The world is your oyster waiting for you to conquer it. Yes! But this time rather than spending lots of time and money for your travel, try to find a closer option which will help you to have more time to relax and enjoy your mindfulness. Search for getaways on a train journey distance. Look for places that you can enjoy being in touch with nature without needing to go to the other side of the world. You can check the best wellness treats in the UK or anywhere in the world.

Pack light

While trying to get rid of the worlds’ heavy responsibilities, you may not want to carry a big bag of clothes. For a small weekend getaway, only pack enough to be able to fit in your backpack.

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Packing light will help you travelling lighter and leave you with more energy to focus on yourself.

Take someone you love with you

Even though travelling alone is a great escape from daily stress and a great way to have some mindfulness treatment, taking a quiet and relaxing weekend with a friend or a family member is always a great idea.

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Having a likeminded person with you can increase your awareness of your surroundings and meditation. Being with people we love, usually brings us more happiness and can help us have a better time in our getaway.

Set a budget

Summer months can be expensive. Upcoming holidays, seasonal shopping, and day outs usually cost more than winter months. Let’s be honest. When the weather is beautiful, we don’t necessarily want to stay indoors, do we? We more often prefer going out and enjoy the beautiful weather. And summer holidays usually take the biggest portion of our holiday budgets as well.

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Setting a budget for your mindful holiday treat will prevent any surprises on our bank account. Arranging the accommodation and travel expenses, giving yourself an idea of how much money you are willing to spend will give you mindfulness on your budget as well.

Stay in touch with nature

Consider your holiday as a chance to get back to your roots and connect with nature. Find the happiness in the scent of a flower, or on the peaceful skyline. Try to meditate as much as you can to find your peace of mind. Make sure you make the most of your time for your wellbeing. 

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Don’t worry if you can’t go away!

Even though if we want to go on a mindfulness holiday, sometimes the circumstances may not be available for us to go away.

But there are always other ways to have the peace of mind and connect with your mind, soul and body. So, don’t worry if you can’t go for a getaway. You can always create the peaceful environment in your home.

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Create your perfect mindfulness holiday with 1001 Remedies

To get away from the hectic rush of the modern life, follow our wellness rituals.

Fill your house with the scents of the fresh forest, give your body a treat with treasure Argan oil, let yourself relax and get ready for the peaceful sleep with our good night sleeping balm and connect with your wellbeing to create the mindfulness you need.

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