Reinventing beauty: balanced beauty

Ancien EgyptI was walking through the British Museum the other day and I was amazed to realise how important beauty was even thousands of years ago. It felt as if nothing had changed and that our daily petty worries – does my hair look right? or how do I slow down ageing? – were as present then as they are today.

However, one difference that I could not avoid jumped into my eyes. Back then, beauty was not just a mask, an artifical cover that women would prepare for those surrounding them. Today we are invaded by messages on how to seem pretty, how to look pretty in photos, but rare are those who talk about feeling beautiful, feeling truly beautiful instead of just looking beautiful for others. So here’s some advice for you modern-day warriors and defenders of true beauty!

 Advice nr. 1 – Beauty has an inside-out mechanism

giphy (1)You cannot become beautiful just by magic. Beauty is built in time and is also a reflection of you inner state. I’m sure you too know someone who is just smiling all the time and it seems that the world is smiling back and who on top of everything, looks just gorgeous all the time.

Well this is because they feel beautiful and that strength is reflected immediately in their behaviour. So why not concentrate more on ourselves, our own wellbeing, instead of trying to build an image that will look perfect, but will not necessarily feel perfect for you. Beauty should not be separate from wellness, it should on the contrary, be a consequence of your state of mind.

Sleeping for example is essential for your state of mind and for achieving a balanced beauty but few are the ones who seem to truly understand the importance of a deep sleep. The repercusions of a lack of sleep are severe not only for your beauty, but for your health in the long run. Lack of concentration, faster ageing processes they are all closely linked to it. If you are a born isomniac like me, you might want to look at some sleep remedies available out there on the market. Some of them work wonders, like the Good Night balm because they use just the right quantity of essential oils and soothe your nerves while also envelopping your body in a calming fragrance. The combination of mediteranean plants extracts in this balm really made me feel like I was stepping in a lost world of the ancient times. The product kind of tells you 1001 stories full of magic and that’s really the best way to fall asleep. After a good night’s sleep, I can guarantee you will feel so much more optimistic and alive!

Advice nr 2: Don’t

 separate health and beauty

The Ancients used a lot of essential oils not only to take care of their bodies, but really because they believed that beauty and health are one and the same. Beauty was only a sign of how healthy your body was. I believe there is only truth in that belief, empowering your body will only help you preserve exterior beauty more easily and for a longer time.


Essential oils are extremely efficient and this is because they fight the problem while still conserving your body’s good bacteria. Unlike modern medicine they don’t destroy these natural defences you have. For a daily use, I would really reccomend the PurAir, which is amazing because it combines the simplicity of use of an air spray with the delightful scents released by the 19 essential oils it contains and the anti-viral power they carry. Also, if you have a more precise problem, such as acne I could not stress enough the importance of using a natural product, based on essential oils. The Magic Skin gel is really ideal for that. I’m recommending it because unlike other products, with high chemical concentration, the Magic Skin will not destroy all the bacteria in your body and thus will protect you in the long run, preventing the same problem from arising once again.

Advice nr 3: Be kind to yourself

giphyThere are
anti-ageing creams that not only make you look young, but also instill a new mechanism into your immune system, stimulating the anti-oxidative capacities of your body and thus slowing down the ageing process. The Soin Millenaire was actually created from Maitake, a Japanese mushroom that was thought to revive the spirits, so dramatic its effect on boosing the body’s activity was. It is also nowadays an ingredient used in research against cancer, percisely for its medical properties. Now I must admit that when choosing my skincare I would prefer having a product whose efficiency has been proven across centuries. It also makes me feel like one those Egyptian beautyies somehow.I hear a lot of my friends complaining about getting old and in the desire to stop the ageing process they rush into products that are not good for their bodies in the long term. Ageing is beautiful, it is a normal part of life and we must learn how to do it with grace. Of course our body and face need to be taken care of, but as we age you must remember that your body is becoming more fragile and should not therefore be exposed to strong artificial substances.

The point is, ladies, that beauty should never be something you prepare for someone else. We are all amazing and beautiful inside so what we chose to show to the world should only be a reflection of how we feel inside. Feeling healthy, rested, strong will under all circumstances make you glow with radiant beauty. So discover some wellbeing products here and start building a balanced beauty image!


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