Self-care and Emotional Wellness

Self-care can be defined by all the actions you take with the purpose to care your mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. By you, for you.

Taking a good care of yourself is the key to improve your mood and reduce your anxiety. for having a good relationship with yourself and others. It is not about being selfish but being mindful of your needs, your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Your wellbeing depends on your capacity to treat yourself with kindness, nourish and accept who you are and being happy with that.

 It can seem hard due to our constantly changing lives but some simple actions could help you achieve this state of personal wellbeing and here are 10 steps that make sense for us:

1- Learn to say yes to yourself: Listen to your needs and honour them. In the same way, learn to say no to superfluous or what bothers you.  

2- Accept your emotions and cultivate your emotional intelligence. Work on your ability to be aware of your feelings and accept them rather than deny them.

3- Listen and understand your body language and start taking care of yourself.

4- Be self-tolerant with what you are and what you do. Allow yourself to make mistakes, you are not perfect.  

5- Spread good vibes around, be a good person and be in harmony with your values.

6- Find your life purpose to be entirely fulfilled because you're living a life of personal meaning

7- Do what you like to do. Have some fun, enjoy life. 

8- Develop your ability to be grateful. Practice gratefulness and positiveness. Pay attention to the good things you have and appreciate them. Express your gratitude to yourself, write it down or thank someone.

9- Make time in your schedule to practice meditation, rest and white space. Learn to appreciate being alone.

10- Learn to accept and love yourself. You don't need to be accepted by others.


“Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without.” 
― Gautama Buddha



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