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The benefits of Argan Oil | The liquid gold from Morocco

The benefits of Argan Oil | The liquid gold from Morocco

Argan Oil, Argania Spinosa, or the liquid gold from Morocco as we love to name it here. At 1001 Remedies, we select the best ingredients around the globe in the elaboration of our biodynamic formulas for your health, beauty and wellness.

Today we would love to share with you a story, the story of this renowned ancestral beauty secret which is the use of Argan Oil...

No doubt that you have already heard about argan oil, produced by extraction from the kernels of the argan tree, native to Morocco. Used for centuries by generations of Berber people for the culinary, medicinal and cosmetic purpose, Argan Oil is nowadays a Must-have in the beauty industry.

Why is this oil so demanded? Probably because it is literally gold bottled and multi-purpose!

Extremely rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, in others words antioxidants and omega-6, the oil is known for its soothing properties, calming and healing the skin in the purest way while deeply moisturizing it. Its antioxidant action prevents the skin's cell from oxidation and ageing protecting your skin against daily external aggression affecting its vitality.

The Moroccan oil deeply nourishes your skin, scalp and hair and locks in moisture for long-term beautiful results. Now you are probably thinking that it must be exclusively for dry skin. You're wrong! Although it is an oil, the argan oil is non-greasy, easily absorbed and non-comedogenic which means it does not clog your pores. Even who has oily skin should use it, and it is even recommended. Indeed, If you deprive your skin of oil, it will start to overproduce its own: sebum.

To dig deeper, Argan oil is a safe daily treatment for all types of skin and blemish prone skin. Excellent and recognized to treat skin conditions including eczema and acne. Amazing for plumping wrinkled skin, improving skin firmness and elasticity and soothe scars... As soon as it is 100% pure argan oil or 100% Argania Spinosa.

What about your hair? Argan oil has a number of benefits when used on hair. Again, rich in vitamin-E and antioxidants, it will boost cells and encourage a healthy hair growth. For the ritual, apply on scalp for 30min before shampoo for a nourishing treat and shiny results. Massaging your head with oil, more than a relaxing treat to yourself, will help with the stimulation of the blood flowing to your scalp and restore this last's inflammation or dryness due to chemicals present in shampoo. You will notice with time that the hair density will increase as well.

To enjoy its miraculous benefits, warm a few drops of Argan in your hands and massage gently face, body and scalp with a circular motion then leave it penetrates. You can also mix a few drops with your other skincare or foundation products for a constant healthy looking skin.

Some say that the "king of the oils" smells bad. The truth is that it has a delicate nutty smell but be adviced that if you purchased one with a strong smell is that it has gone rancid or oxidated because of the time between the picking and extraction or probably because argan nuts have been chewed by animals. A pure and high-quality Argan oil should smell slightly earthy with an overall neutral smell.

At 1001 Remedies, we source ethically sustainable and high-quality argan oil benefiting the local community as well as your consumption with a 100% fresh, pure, traceable and certified organic ECOCERT product.

 Indulging, Softening and Protecting your skin in the purest way. What would you choose?

Gold & nothing else.

1001 Remedies


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