The "boost your gloomy autumn mood" therapy 🍂

As autumn approaches, the cold weather getting closer and the sun becoming scarce our body is often targeted by biologic changes. We have difficulties to get into the rhythm, starting to suffer restless sleep and a lack of energy. The end of summer and the fall of temperatures weaken our immune system and we "feel down in the dumps".

To avoid losing control, we recommend to adapt yourself to nature's rhythm as the Ayuréda, art of living and alternative medicine from India, teach us.
The natural light has an important role in our biological clock regulation. To start, it could be a great thing to absorb as much light as possible during your day, an effective remedy against blues. At the contrary, avoiding any kind of artificial lights on the evening such as electronic devices will help you relax and give your mind the rest it deserves.

It could also be interesting to provide your body with omega 3, vitamins, trace element and magnesium to fight against fatigue.

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils are definitely your best ally in this period of the year.
Indeed, numerous essential oils used in spray or directly applied have a positive impact:

On your body…
* The Cinnamon oil, thanks to its anti-bacterial properties boost your natural immunity
* The Ravinstara oil will purify your environment allowing you to breathe a pure and detoxified air.
*The Peppermint oil with its vivifying scent will bring you energy and reinvigorate yourself.
…as well as your mood
Lavender, Chamomille, Néroli.Those precious essential oils will respectively calm anxiety, ensures a restful sleep and help to achieve mindfulness and a sense of inner peace. Ideal to bring you warmth and optimism. The "joie de vivre" therapy.
Conscient of the well-being importance, We aim at creating with our line of products, a good response to mind, body and soul issues, results of physiological and psychical changes our everyday hectic life causes.

You can find these essential oils properties in our Good Night Balm and PurAir