The latest innovation technologies that help you sleep 🌠💤

We agree that sleep is probably the best thing ever. We also agree that suffer a lack of sleep is probably the worst feeling ever.

A study done by the University of Maryland medical centre reports that 50% of people suffer sleep difficulties and that 65% of us don't get 8 hours of sleep per night. This last is no surprise considering how demanding our hectic life became.

A lack of restful sleep impact our humour, physical and mental wellbeing and play seriously on our health. We are more likely to develop illness and a cognitive function loss.

The vital importance of rest is more and more highlighted supported by innovative technologies which encourage people to understand and improve their sleep.

Sleep tracking devices, sleep data collecting... What does the future hold for the sleep technology?

Here are some latest tech and gadget you would love: good night! ups… happy reading!

1- 2breatheis a smart device combines with a mobile app that helps you sleep better by reducing the pre-sleep tension and intrusive thoughts. It works with sleep-inducing breathing exercises composed in harmony with your needs.

2- Kyro Sleep Performance: is a water-based app controlled cooling mattress topper to guarantee deeper sleep cycles. Studies show the perfect temperature to sleep is around 15 to 20°C for the best recovery and against night sweats and insomnia.

3- Nightingale: is the first smart home sleep system taking sleep to a whole new level. How? It masks indoor and outdoor noise with soothing and relaxing sounds to create the optimal sleep environment.

4- Pegasi: is a smart glasses system working with a led light enhancing the sleep quality and improving your mental status. A very good option for jet lag issues.

5- Sound Asleep Pillow: is a speaker integrated pillow that connects easily your device. A great way to listen relaxing music or stories without having to use headphones.

6- Lumie body clock: is an alarm clock that wakes you up gradually with increasing light. It creates a healthy sleep cycle in harmony with your body clock and makes pleasant to get out of bed even a Monday morning.