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The natural wrinkle filler is here!

The natural wrinkle filler is here!

If you've been endlessly searching for an anti ageing cream that shows real results and is formed of completely natural ingredients, then look no further than 1001 Remedies.

Our knowledge & extensive experience with aromatherapy and essential oils has enabled us to create the most powerful anti ageing formula yet.  

With a delicate and hydrating texture, this 97% natural anti ageing cream is based on extracts of Japanese Maitake, achieving a plumping moisturizer that smoothes fine lines and  stimulates collagen production. 

The natural glow

With liberal use of the Soin Millienaire you'll instantly see your skin is moisturised, glowing and plumped, along with a refreshing sensation. After repeated applications, the skin becomes significantly rejuvenated and wrinkles start diminish. Clinical have shown trials show that after 4 weeks, the elasticity of the skin increases by 11%, the firmness by 12% and the wrinkles are reduced by 14%.

The key players - The ingredients

Heritage of ancient Japanese medicine, Maitake is a mushroom that increases the skin firmness, stimulating the production of collagen. It is a natural wrinkles filler rejuvenating the skin preserve its youthful appearance. The Prickly pear seed oil is one of the most powerful natural anti-wrinkle oils and is a perfect repair moisturizer. It will protect your skin against any future oxidative stress and due to its composition rich in tocopherols, will ease the skin regeneration process. The evening primrose oil is a powerful anti ageing agent, it will illuminate your skin with a youthful tone and will provide it a silky touch.

Your 1001 Remedies skincare ritual 

For dry skin, day and night

Step 1: First start by exfoliating & cleansing your skin, ridding it of any dead skin cells. The cream is far more beneficial of fresh skin and will lock into your pores much more thoroughly. 

Step 2: Apply the cream on the cleansed skin and massage it in an upwards and outwards motion on the cheekbones. This manner of application renders the penetration ideal and allows your features to gain a finer, more precise contour. 



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