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The path to Wellbeing: Get back on top of your health with our 5 steps program 🌿🦋

The path to Wellbeing: Get back on top of your health with our 5 steps program 🌿🦋

What you eat literally becomes you. You have a chance in choosing what you are made of. Knowing what food you should and shouldn't eat can be confusing. Especially when it seems that the advice is changing regularly.
Explore the relationship between what you eat and how you feel. Incorporate healthy eating into your life to improve your mood, and give you the desired energy.
- Eat regularly: and don't forget your breakfast! 
- Eat coloured seasonal and fresh fruits and vegetables.Rich in minerals, vitamins and fibre, they keep you physically and mentally healthy.
- Choose organic
- Manage Caffeine
- Be inspired by the Mediterranean food, always delicious healthy ideas
Exercise - 5 steps to wellbeing- 1001 remedies
Anima Sana in Corpo Sano
Your physical activity is linked to your physical and mental health.
As well as improving your general quality of life, it brings you better functional capacity and better mood states. Moderate exercise is also one of the best sleep-medicine around.

- Exercise your body between 4-7 PM with fitness, yoga.
- Exercise your mind by practising meditation

sleep - 5 steps to wellbeing - 1001 remedies
A well-spent day brings happy sleep.
We all know a warm bath is supposed to relax before bedtime but what if you still can't sleep?
- Create a bedtime ritual: applying some relaxing balm on your tensions points and press for several seconds. Its relaxing scents will help to calm your mind and body.
- Inhale through your left nostril by resting a finger on your right nostril to close it. This method is thought to reduce blood pressure. and calm you.
- Rewind your day: remembering all details in reverse orders clears your mind. Recall conversations and sounds.
- Imagine: Explore a happy place, imagine yourself in a situation where you feel content, a tropical paradise, sailing on calm waters for example.
- Have a look at ASMR videos. Easily accessible on youtube, there are experiences characterised by a combination of positive feelings or tingling sensation on the skin brought by specific acoustic, visual and digital media stimuli. Relax!
environment - 5 steps to wellbeing -1001 remedies
Detox your environment
Is there a connection between your home life and your wellbeing? 
More than the emotional and personal attachment you have to your home.

- Surround yourself with positive people and energies
- Space: Make it functional and cosy. No need for superflu objects. So buy less and organise things better.
- Sensory experience: Specific sounds, textures and smells help people make sense of the world around and improve mood and emotion. Spritz some purifying room spray help you detox your air while diffusing fresh scents.
- Colors: The right use of colour according to Feng Shui to bring the desired energies to your place in order to create harmony and balance. From the passionate red to the infinite black. Learn how...
pamper yourself - 5 steps to wellbeing -1001 remedies
Time for yourself
Treating yourself and your skin with natural products is key for a sustainable and mindful beauty, wellbeing and health.
Elaborate a skincare routine according to your needs and products. Cleanse, Tons and Use magic 
skin as a magic remedy for a healthy looking and healthy being skin. Free from blemishes and conditions, moisturised and repaired.
Wellnesly Yours,
1001 Remedies xx


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