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The Ten Back-to-School well-being Commandments

The Ten Back-to-School well-being Commandments

Back to school mode ON,

Every day hectic life has started again with busier schedules causing at time intense stress as the whole family makes the transition. What about taking good habits to release pressure and ease away anxiety for you and your children? Here are several rules to observe for an absolute wellness.

Morning: Gooood morning, breakfast time! Share with your kid a balanced breakfast which will feed his body with the correct nutrients to address the new day challenges.Do not skip it, this meal is supposed to bring 25% of one's daily requirements. And If he is not hungry, give him a glass of fresh juice when he is getting ready, this will stimulate his appetite.

Drink water: Make sure to give your kid a little bottle of water for the day, It is a great way to remind him drinking, exit sodas of course.

Homework: Set up a homework friendly area, Spend time helping him with doing homework, be a monitor and a motivator. You can diffuse vivifying fresh scents to detoxify the air by using PurAir. The Peppermint oil  it contains also helps in improving mental focus

Play: We encourage you to find time to spend playing with your child. Play outdoors, Board and cards games, Craft projects, Listen to music... There are a lot of possibilities. These activities will develop strong family bonds and are a good way to teach them cooperation, problem-solving, creativity, social skills and increase self-esteem.

Breathe: Teach your kid how his breath connects with how he feels. There are several funny exercises such as the hot air balloon which support relieve anxiety.

Shower: Prefer evening shower, it is important to go to bed clean since it affects the quality of your kid's sleep. A night-time shower is an integral part of preparing for bed routine and separate the day from the night.

Dinner: Dinner time for the whole family, sit around the table, enjoy a varied and healthy meal preferably with seasonal vegetables and fruit. Take advantage of this moment to exchange about how was their day.

Read a Book: Out electronic devices, Take the time to read stories with your kid. In addition, to share a moment with him,  It will also stimulate its imagination.

Sleep: We will never repeat enough how important is to have a good rest for your health. Especially for kids. A great night sleep makes the brain work properly. However, in those back to school days, the anxiety your children may fell makes him targeted by insomnia. Try our Good night balm by applying it on his pressure points in order to send relaxing signals to the brain, switch of and prepare the body for rest.

And last but not least, Love: Hug your children and tell him you love him!

Don't let the stress spoil your kid fabulous energy.

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