Top 10 reasons why you should stay in this winter

 Winter Blues...We all have been there: days are getting shorter, drinks are getting warmer, and the temperature keep decreasing. Therefore, there is who is trying to escape planning a trip to a warm tropical resort while other takes it to the max and go on a ski or mountain vacation. Nevertheless the destination, we can also come to ease by staying at home. Yes, and its even better! Here some of the reasons to stay at home and enjoy it !

10 reasons why  you should stay in this winter.


  1. Read the book that you are panning to read since summer. Find time to read, even 10 minutes a day.
  2. Release your stress and ease away anxiety. You are home and you have nothing to stress about. Apply the good night balm on pression points and just enjoy the powerful calming effects of essential oils
  3.    Use the Purair purifying room spray and breathe in fresh air just as you were to be at the home !
  4. Create your own spa bay and take a long bath, massage your body and face with treasure oil for a deeply nourishing ritual put on some relaxing music and just do nothing.
  5. Meditate, take the time to do it, or try it to unwind and achieve mindfulness.
  6.    Do gardening, inside or outside.
  7. Try-out some new healthy meals and smoothies detox without having any excuses. Take the time to make it a habit.
  8. Now you finally can sleep in. Catch up on the sleep you have missed. When you go on holiday you sleep less. When you arrive home, you most often feel more tired than when you initially went.
  9. Keep warm. You don’t want to get sick. The flu is very easy to catch in winter.
  10. Drink more water. When you are outside you tend to go for other drinks such as coffee, tea, or alcohol. You never tend to order water. However, it is crucial to drink enough water throughout the winter. Drinking enough water improves skin conditions, fights winter dehydration, fight winter weight gain, be more energetic, and protect your immune system.



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