What do antioxidants do for your skin?

Antioxidants in your skincare routine bring your skin lots of benefits and since it is your largest organ, it is important to take care of it and show your skin some love!

To get started, what are antioxidants? You've probably heard of them before, they are molecules naturally present in plant-based things such as vegetables, fruits, coffee, chocolate and wine ( yas!) Their names? Resveratrol, flavanols, lyxopene, catechins and the popular ones include vitamin A, C and E. Their role? Inhibit the oxidation of your skin, a chemical reaction caused by free radicals present in the environment (air pollution, smoke...) and naturally produced by? YOU. So antioxidants help prevent or stop the impact and damages oxidants cause to your health and skin. Anti-Oxidants, sim-ple.

Antioxidants are good for my skin health and appearance, and here are their benefits:

They have valuable calming and anti-inflammatory properties for a better skin tone and keep acne away.

They help in scar treatment minimizing the appearance of scar tissue by increasing the blood flow and the development of a new skin. An antioxidant-rich scar ingredient is aloe.

Another benefit is skin firming, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. They stimulate the collagen production and encourage the development of new cells for a skin elasticity recovering and a rejuvenated look.

You might already eat food that preserves your skin cells how do antioxidant work in skincare? What about a topical application?

It is great to nourish directly your skin surface with the good ingredients.

We understood their importance for your skin health and created all antioxidant-rich beauty products in our line.

Magic Skin, a 3 in 1 repair gel based on aloe vera. 1- antibacterial and antifungal thanks to tea tree and geranium essential oils. 2- antiseptic, to naturally clean your skin and helps with disorders thanks to Rock rose oil. And, last but not least 3- healing and regenerating to reveal a reborn skin, liberated from acne issues and other skin conditions and imperfections such as redness or rosacea reducing the appearance of scars as well.

Treasure Oil, 100% pure and certified organic Argan Oil saturated with fatty acids and Vitamin E we chose to cold pressed to preserve all the argan nut antioxidant properties, especially beneficial to reduce the sign of ageing caused by the oxidative stress and UV-light exposure. Gold bottled to indulge your body and face skin.

Soin Millenaire, the natural age defence moisturizer by excellence. Its secret? The Japanese miracle mushroom maitake, known for its strong immune properties and in the research against cancer. Its action, completed here by the vitamin E-rich Prickly peer seeds oil, has been clinically proven in boosting the new cells' production and increasing the skin firmness. Although it is nearly impossible to eliminate wrinkles, it helps to plump out the skin for a more youthful and healthy appearance. The plus? You feel its action directly when freshly applied to your face and leave it with an all natural glow.

Antioxidant skin care | 1001 Remedies

There is strength in number, and also for your skin. The more antioxidant-rich products your combined, the best it is. We gathered our best remedies in a gift set to treat yourself or a friend with a bunch of antioxidants. 

Our best Christmas Gift for your Skin. And guess what... it is on sale!!

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