What is asthma and how to control the asthma attacks?

The breath we take in determines the quality of our lives. The deeper and slower we breathe, more meaningful and a longer life we receive. All our lives and all our health depend on the air we invite to ourselves.

Unfortunately, in today’s life, we are more exposed to unhealthy lifestyle than ever. The polluted air, stress, and unnatural environment circumstances are affecting our lives under various conditions with health problems.

Asthma is one of the health conditions that grow more and more each day with the environmental factors. It is a common lung condition that affects breathing and causes difficulties in life.

Symptoms of asthma

The typical symptoms of asthma are, difficulty in breathing, tightness in chest, and wheezing and coughing caused by excessive mucus.

While other factors can also cause breathing difficulty, chest tightness, wheeze in breath or strong coughing, they are most likely to be asthma in the following conditions;

-    If symptoms happen in response to the same triggers, such as exercise, animal fur, dust, or allergies.

-    When the strength of the symptoms is higher in the night and the first thing in the morning.

-    The symptoms always come back and appear often

What can cause asthma?

As many factors can cause asthma attacks, there are usually two main groups in causes. Firstly, the most common asthma infection is generally linked to eczema, hay fever, or migraine in the patient or close relatives. This type of asthma is called atopic asthma and can be considered as a genetic disease, and often related to childhood conditions where asthma can start as episodic coughing for several months or years in the childhood and develops wheezy breathing and eventually to asthma.

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The second cause of asthma is not due to any physical stimulations but caused by chemicals, cold air, exercise, infection, or emotional upset.

As there isn’t a single cause for asthma, a variety of factors also may trigger an asthma attack. Viruses, allergens, house dust, animal dander, cigarette smoke, emotional stress, weather changes etc.

How to cure asthma?

Even though there isn’t currently a cure for asthma, there are simple treatments that can help taking the symptoms under control to improve the quality of life.

As various effects can cause asthma, it is essential to determine what is triggering the asthma attacks and seeing the reason for the biologic response. Is the asthma attack is caused because of an allergy? Or emotional stress from work is threatening your healthy breathing? Or is is your family pet causing your attacks?

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Once determining the reason behind the asthma attacks, the patient should prevent the triggers as much as possible. Patients with asthma should prevent smoking and prefer not to keep any domestic or furred animals in the house. Also, should take extra care on the cleaning of the house that the dust may also be a trigger for the asthma attacks, and emotional balance should be tried to keep under control.

How to treat asthma?

If you or your close ones have asthma, it should relieve you to know that certain practices can improve the quality of your life and reduce the risk of asthma attacks.

The most important factor should be improving the lung capacity. Exercises such as swimming, walking, yoga, Thai Chi can improve your breathing capacity and provide you with a relaxed breath and emotional balance. Which can help the improvement increase significantly.

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Also, the use of essential oils will help you with increasing the lung capacity, reducing the stress level and help to provide a healthier life.


Which essential oils can be used to reduce asthma effects?

The selection of essential oils on asthma therapy is due to the consideration of the presence of infection, allergic reaction, and emotional factors.

But as overall support, eucalyptus, lemon, spike lavender, peppermint, rosemary, chamomile, sweet fennel oils can be used to help with better breathing and lung activities.

How can PurAir air spray help with the effects?

PurAir air spray, with its 100% natural origin, includes 19 essential oils including eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, cinnamon, and lemon oil. It simply purifies your air, and with its ingredients which are also used to help to treat asthma attacks, PurAir allows you to breathe cleaner air.

Either as a morning ritual clear your house or office air, purifying from germs and creating a more energetic atmosphere for the rest of the day, or as an evening habit to spray your bedsheet an hour before you go to bed to provide a healthier environment for better sleep and healthier breath.

With a healthier breath, overall health will improve, and the life quality will increase.

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