What to do on this holiday?

We all need holidays. Running away from the city's rush and busyness, resting as much as we need, catching up with sleep and exploring more.
Holiday is always a good idea. But what kind of holiday? When it comes to that precious couple of days, we all have different ideas about how to spend them and/or where to go. If you still haven't decided where to go for this summer holiday, we can help you to choose.
Sun, sand, and sea
Beach holidays are coming on the top of the list for most of the holiday goers. After the grey skies and the constant rain in the UK, escaping to a sunny beach with a little sunbathing and a cocktail on one hand, is usually the dream holiday for most of us. Leaving ourselves to the calming sounds of the sea, letting the sunshine warm our souls and feeling absolutely free in the beautiful water of the sea. 
'Must pack's; Even though when we say a beach holiday we have endless options, the travel essentials are mostly the same. At least three different swimming suits so you don't have to wait for your swimming suit to get dry while sunbathing, two beach towels; one for drying after swimming, and one for laying on to, sunscreen, beach clothes, water, books, camera, and most importantly 1001 Remedies Treasure Oil. Why did you ask? Well, we all are aware of the dangers of the sun's rays on our skins and the beach holidays can sometimes be a little harsh on hair. Our 100% natural Argan oil, will help you to restore your skin's health. 
Simply apply the treasure oil to your hair and wait for 2-3 hours before washing. You will see the difference immediately. And for your skin, after the shower, massage the oil to your body, and you will feel the difference on your body right after. Using the Treasure Oil increases its effects.
A little camp in nature
Some of us prefer to have a couple of days alone with nature. After the polluted air in the city, all the noise around and the rush, you might prefer to have some days away from all the electronics and everything else. Camping holidays are great to have some mindfulness and getting back to your roots.  Perhaps some meditation and lots of yoga.  
'Must packs'; Yes camping tips are harder to pack for. You never know how much water or how many clothes you need to take with you. Definitely a waterproof and comfortable tent and sleeping bags. Some bug spray just to make sure that you are not spending your holiday dealing with mosquitos. A stock of food and water. The necessary gears and of course your 1001 Remedies Magic Skin Gel. While you are in nature, what could be better than to give your skin the nature's remedies? Magic Skin Aloe Vera Gel will save your skin to unwanted conditions on your camping trip. Its aloe vera will give your skin an immediate relaxation and help you to get rid of your skin blemishes. Oh, and do not forget the matches for the campfire. It is tough to light the fire with stones!
Explore new cultures
Summer holidays are great times to learn new cultures and visit new places. If you are like us wanderers, you should know that urgent feeling to travel and to learn more, see more, try more, and taste more.
Your 'must packs' might change depending on the destination. But if you are travelling to a foreign country, do not forget to study your city a little bit before you travel. The best places to see, best restaurants to go, and best experiences to attend to. The country's currency should be ready in your wallet just in case. Books for the travel, notepad and pens to write about the places you have been, camera to make the memories last longer, and of course 1001 Remedies Wellness Duo. While travelling to a new place, you might still look for your comfort, and you should always look after your wellness. With 1001 Remedies Wellness Duo, you will always be leaving yourself to the arms of the most relaxing and refreshing moments. So that you can enjoy your holiday more! Use your PurAir air purifier spray to your bedroom an hour before you go to bed and apply the Good Night sleeping balm into your wrists and chest right before going to bed. The comfort of nature will take you to the most relaxing sleep in no time and you will wake up to a more energised morning. Using PurAir spray in the morning as well will make sure that you are refreshed and ready for exploring!
Have a great holiday!


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