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Why should I donate?

Why should I donate?

We are proud to raise funds for Caudwell Children, a UK national charity because they transform the lives of disabled children.

Caudwell Children was founded 17 years ago, and since then they have supported over 22,000 disabled children with over 600 different medical conditions, to the tune of over £38M.

They help the most vulnerable in society, and what makes this Charity so special is that all of their running costs are paid for by the Founder, John Caudwell, so you can be happy that 100% of your contribution meaning EVERY PENNY goes straight to supporting children and not on staff wages, administrative costs etc.

Right now, They are preparing to open the Caudwell International Children’s Centre, in North Staffordshire. This is the UK’s first purpose-built facility in to autism research and therapy. Over the past 10 years, Caudwell Children has experienced a significant rise in the number of parents coming to them, desperate for support for their autistic child. Still very little is known about the condition, and autism is often ignored by the media, in favour of more ‘visual’ disabilities. Caudwell Children is taking the condition seriously, and are confident their new centre will lead the way in to autism diagnosis and support.   

 There is clear synergy between the 1001 remedies brand and that of Caudwell Children – we both believe in living life to the full, the right to feel good and the importance of well-being.

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