Aromatherapy Room Spray Purer Air - PurAir

Aromatherapy Room Spray Purer Air - PurAir

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Aromatherapy Room Spray Purer Air - PurAir


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PurAir is an aromatherapy room spray for a purer air, 100% from natural origin based on a blend of 19 essential oils including lavender essential oil. This beauty bag and wellbeing desk must-have has been voted best product by Prima Magazine and will create your perfect well being interior spray:

  • vivifying fresh scents
  • detoxifying your air/ virus protection, reinforcing your natural defences
  • Highly recommended at the OK! Beauty Awards and voted best spa product by Prima magazine

30 mL or 100 mL 


You will feel reinvigorated, reborn with new energy. Studies show the vaporised essence can kill common bacteria as soon as 15 minutes with a mere 0.2% concentration*.

Among our well being ingredients

The Cinnamon essential oil will reinforce your natural immunity with its strong antiviral and anti-bacterial properties. Another important aromatherapy oil, the Ravintsara, with its anti-microbial properties, will purify your environment and envelop your home in a protective shield allowing you to breathe a cleaner air. The fragrance of the Peppermint oil will bring you notes of reinvigorating freshness. The eucalyptus oil, with its antiviral properties, completes the protection against cold and flu. The lavender essential oil purifies the atmosphere while leaving a nice scent.

Rituals of application

Step 1: A perfect morning routine starts with ventilating your room and spraying a few doses in the air for more energy for the rest of the day. Don’t forget to slip the travel size PurAir in your bag for the office's germs and you are ready to go.

Step 2: In the evening, Spray PurAir on your bed sheets and pillow, an hour before going to sleep for a healthy environment over the night time.

(*) Studies and tests on ingredients with meningoccus bacteria (destruction in 15 mins), typhoid bacilli and diphtheria bacteria. Jean Valnet, M.D, 1990



What is aromatherapy and what does it do? Aromatherapy can be defined by the use of volatile plant oils to improve your physical, psychological wellbeing. Nowadays, it is considered as the most popular form of complementary therapy as it demonstrates effectiveness in healing and supporting the body ability to balance and maintain by itself.

What does diffusing essential oils do for you? Spritz some PurAir air purifying spray will disperse essential oils across your space. Our essential oils are 100% natral and active and good for your mind, wellbeing and health. Diffusing them is a powerfull way to enjoy their benefits by breathing their motivating, uplifting and immunity boosting scents.

How do you get rid of the flu / How do you get rid of a cold? Cold and flus symptoms are not the must of comfort but they are entirely part of your body healing process. The fever, by making your body hotter than usual kills the bacteria. There is unfortunately no natural cure for the flu but some natural remedies can help you ease the symptoms of pain and congestion and reinforce your natural defences. Typically, cinnamon oil which is one of Purair ingredients, is a natural antibiotic and a concentrate that helps boosting your immunity.

How do you prevent a viral infection? Breathing anti viral and immunity boosting oils can help you prevent yourslelf from catching viruses. Oregano oil for exemple is an anti viral and anti bacterial oil. Inhaling it helps you preventing congestion and bronchial issues. It is part of our divinely scented and air purifying home spray Purair.

How can I breathe a purer air ? If you are living in urban environement, getting far from the city, the smog and noise can result to become a psychological need. But did you know that the best place to breathe pure air is... at home? With Purair, we aim to offer you the opportunity to breathe a fresher air at home, in your car, at the office. A purer air with valuable benefits on your immune system, boosting naturally your self defenses and cleaning the air but also on your mood. 1, 2, 3 Spritz and ... Breathe!

What is the best air freshener? A 100% natural air freshner is probably the best choice. Purair is exclusively made from 100% natural ingredients and is free from Paraben, Conservative, Phtalates and others Chemicals.

Are air fresheners toxics ? Unfortunately 80% of the air fresheners in the market are toxic because they contains phtalates, formaldehyde as well as others carcinogen, chemicals and disruptors. Explore natural alternative with essential oils. Purair is 100% from natural origin, free from phtalates, parabens and perfume and any chemicals

How do I make my house smell good? PurAir purifyign room spray, blend of 19 essential oils is a good way to make your home smell like a spa heaven. Plus, the essential oils were selected for their antiviral and antibacterial properties.

How I can create a spa experience at home? Let your creativity works to create your best spa experience at home. What would relax you? We personnaly love some Purair spritz in the bathroom, add a warm bath with somes candles, soothing music and let your mind escape with essentials oils. We swear, is a spa heaven!

What is the best natural antibiotic? Some esssentials oil acts as natural antibiotics rivaling pharmaceuticals without encouraging this antibiotic resistance in your body. Oregano and Cinnamon work as effective natural antibiotic preserving beneficials bacteria. This is why we have selected them to be part of Purair.

Is Cinnamon a natural antibiotic? Cinnamon is a promising natural healer, Acting on preventing and fighting both viral and bacterial infections. This is why it is part of Purair, home spray.

Can cinnamon kill bacteria? In a country obsessed with germs and sickness, antibacterial soaps and sanitizers are becoming more and more common. But because such products contribute to the growing problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, some researchers recommend sanitizers made with cinnamon oil, which has been shown in many studies to have powerful antimicrobial properties.

what is the best way to treat a cold ? Our DO recommendations to treat a cold are to stay hydrated, rest to allow your body to heal, make use of herbal remedies as much as you can to relieve pain and combat stufiness. A cool mist vaporizer can add moisture to your home, which might help loosen congestion. Blend of 19 fresh and antiviral essential oils, Purair is your cold best companion.

Does Purair is appropriate in presence of animals? Diffuse some purair purifying spray is appropriate in presence of animals while is it recommended to ventilate your room.

What is Ravinstara essential oil used for? Ravinstara, named as Cinnamomum camphora in botanical language is an essential oil with fresh and eucalyptus-like aromatic notes. It supports the immune system, help with stress and depression as well as promoting sleep, calms the nerves and muscular pains and aches . Yes, we truely aim to selected the best of nature for your health and wellbeing. This why we have chosen it to be part of the carefully selected ingredients of Purair

What this product will help me with? Purair is designed and formulated to support your long-term immunity and respiratory health. Blend of 19 essential oils with powerful antiseptic, antiviral and antimicrobial properties, it is a natural way to preserve your long-term health acting both as prevention and cure.

Can I use this product daily ? Purair can absolutely become part of your daily natural health regimen. Spray some in the morning on the bedsheets and in the bedroom to freshen the room and get rid of any bacteria in the air. More than making your house smell good, it diffuses aromatic volatiles with antiviral properties. Also available in a portable 30ml travel size, it is your companion for long flights or a desk must have when your neighboor is sneezing!:)

Are essential oils safe for children? Breathing Purair essential oils is safe for children but keep the flacons far from them to avoid unwanted use in the eyes, mouth and on the skin.

What essential oils are good for mood? Aromatherapy is a good alternative to enhance your mood. As smell is the strongest of your 6 senses, it is the best to influence your brain. How many times a smell remind us someone or something? The explanation is the connection between you olfactory bulbs and the areas of the brain that process emotion and learning. So, which oils are awarded with best mood booster? Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Rosmary, Cinnamon.

Can essential oils boost your productivity? Again, the answer is yes. First of all, it improves health so you're less likely to be sick. Using them at work, in an environement where there are a lot of people can help keeping germs away. In a second hand, they may be useful during your next brainstorming session. Indeed, an inhalation of specific aroma create considerable changes within your body. The lavender helps you ease away anxiety and stress by calming nerves. The Rosmary has stimulating properties and fight mental fatigue and exhaustion. The Cinnamon and Peppermint acts as energy booster, reinvigorating the mind and promoting concentration and focus. The Citrus aroma with uplifting scents are a good way to keep thinking with positivity. all of these precious essential oils form the blend of Purair in the right doses.