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Magic Skin & Treasure Oil - Dewy Glow Gift Set

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Magic Skin & Treasure Oil - Dewy Glow Gift Set


We all know how great we feel when our skin is glowing and we are having a good hair day. Wow them with your even-toned skin and soft hair with our Dewy Glow Gift Set. Packed with our antioxidant duo Magic Skin and Treasure Oil, it will leave your skin and hair nourished and rejuvenated. Watch those heads turn as they see your skin radiating health from within and jaws drop as your hair bounces to the rhythm of your feet. Whether you are gifting it to someone else or yourself, it makes for a perfect package.



Did you know that many beauty products that we use to help us treat acne can actually over time have the opposite effect because the harsh chemicals within the product strip away and destroy the local immunity of our skin? The areas we try to treat, may get further damaged and later lead to allergies, irritation and more acne. Thus, getting you stuck in a hamster wheel of skin problems.

From psoriasis to blackheads, pimples, acne scars and spots, using only natural ingredients Magic Skin will help your skin get back that healthy dewy glow. Based on 14 essential oils, such as Myrrh, Tea Tree and Cistus, the natural plant extracts in Magic Skin deliver antibacterial, antiviral and powerful healing properties to your skin.


NON-DRYING FORMULA: Blending the power of science and nature, we have created an organic acne treating cream that is effective and contains only natural ingredients. Unlike other acne creams that often use salicylic acid that can be very drying, we use Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Cistus, Blue Camomile and other ingredients to fight acne while leaving your skin soft and moisturised. Perfect for sensitive skin. 

CLEAN, CLEAR, RADIANT AND GLOWING: Magic Skin Face Cream helps clean and clear skin as well as visibly fade and reduce the appearance of spots or blackheads. An effective blemish treatment which brightens your skin and leaves it evenly toned. Thanks to its Aloe vera base, the face cream soothes any spots, redness or breakout while allowing skin deep hydration and restoration. The spot cream acts in three steps: first cleansing the skin, soothing redness and then repairing the skin




The second hero product in this gift set is Treasure Oil which is a rich, cold-pressed, 100% certified organic argan oil that can be massaged into the skin and hair for deep nourishment experience.  Full of fatty acids such as omega 6 that will keep your skin and hair moisturised and give it that gentle soft glow. Also rich in Vitamin E and polyphenols, both essential ingredients to maintain healthy skin as well as other antioxidants, it will provide deep hydration at the cellular levels to reduce scars, stretch marks, dry skin and smooth wrinkles. It truly is a must-have in your daily skincare routine! No wonder in the beauty world, Argan Oil is often called 'liquid gold' for its amazing benefits for our skin and hair. 


ARGAN OIL FOR HAIR: Is your hair, dry, damaged or colour treated? We will help you get that gorgeous shine back! Repair any dry, damaged hair and itchy scalps with Treasure Oil. You can use it as a leave in conditioner before applying shampoo or as a heat protector spray for hair or apply it as a growth serum for your hair. Everyone will want to know your healthy hair secrets!

NO GREASY RESIDUE: 1001 Remedies Treasure oil absorbs easily without leaving a film or sticky residue. So you don't have to worry about getting it all over your clothes.

NO MORE EXPENSIVE CREAMS & SERUMS: Get deep moisturizing and repair effects at just a fraction of the cost. You only need a few drops to get the full benefits for a thicker, fuller hair & radiant and smooth skin.


Daily Ritual - Soft as a daisy:

Step 1: Make your morning showers extra relaxing and nourishing by massaging Treasure Oil into your skin and hair. After several applications you should notice how your skin is softer, smoother and plumper.

Step 2: Now that your pores have all opened up is the perfect time to apply Magic Skin with its highly concentrated unique blend of essential oils, such as lavender, helichrysum and cistus will deliver powerful skin healing properties and protect it from the long day you have ahead.

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