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Become an independent distributor at 1001 Remedies !

1001 remedies product range

1001 Remedies is a new concept of health & beauty that marries natural, wellbeing with glamorous skincare. We encourage women to be more aware of their long-term wellbeing and choose natural remedies while providing a pleasurable luxury customer experience. 

1001 remedies products are MADE IN FRANCE and are inspired from the 25 years experience of the founder's family in pharmaceutical aromatherapy. We partnered with a French lab with unique expertise in natural ingredients to create the 21 st century that make you feel good, beautiful and reinforce your natural defences over term. 100% natural or organic ingredients. No paraben, phtalate, animal substance, GMO, silicone nor any other worrying chemicals. 

Who we are looking for?

We are looking for beauty, wellness, health & fitness, travel enthusiasts, organic beauty lovers who will be able to promote our products and our brand and share the wellbeing revolution!

How does it work?

As an independent distributor at 1001 Remedies, you will work when you want, from where you want to distribute our beautiful natural products range through your network. This is a great opportunity to work at your own pace in the beauty industry. You will get a commission on the sales you make.We will be able to help you with marketing support such as discount, testers, training, etc… 

If you are interested or if you want to discuss further the conditions and remuneration feel free to contact us at wellness@1001remedies.com