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Our "star ingredients" - 100% pure and natural, carefully selected from across the Globe!

When it comes to skincare ingredients, we believe in the three R's:

Our ingredients are Rare

We traveled the world in search of the rarest, most precious ingredients. We are pioneers, using ingredients such as the Maitake. This is the a first for wellbeing products. Even our more widely recognised ingredients such as Argan are of highest quality.

Our ingredients are sourced Responsibly

Our ingredients are organic and pesticide-free. They are selected with care in order to provide you with a safe experience, suited to sensitive skin and delicate organisms. We respect the planet and we respect your body.

rare ingredients for aromatherapy

Our ingredients are proven Remedies

Essential oils effectiveness has been demonstrated by scientific studies in several leading hospitals:

  • A study in a general hospital has shown that lavender and swet marjoram essential oils are as effective as traditional sedatives to induce sleep in patients. We use them both in our Good Night product.Tisserand R. 1988. Lavender beats benzodiazepines. International Journal of Aromatherapy. 
  • Studies conducted at the University of Manchester in the UK show that essential oils similar to the ones we are using in our product PurAir have the ability to purify rooms and destroy microbes resistant to antibiotics (SARM bacteria, etc.). Jacqui Stringe 2004, Clinical Lead of Complementary Therapies at Manchester's Christi Hospital.
  • The regular spread of Ravinsara reduces the number of pulmonary infections contracted at  hospital. Ravinsara is one of the lead active ingredients in our PurAir product. Dr Blanchard, CHU de Sarlat.