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Safety Duo - Air Cleansing Room Spray & Hand Sanitiser

Safety Duo - Air Cleansing Room Spray & Hand Sanitiser - 1001 Remedies

Safety Duo - Air Cleansing Room Spray & Hand Sanitiser


This safety-kit duo has been created to ensure a safe place for you, be it as work or home or anywhere outside. With a few spritzes of PurAir™ , disinfect the air you breathe with its antibacterial and antiviral properties, whilst the hand sanitiser ensures keeping your hands clean. Slip them into your purse and stay safe wherever you go!



Despite spending all our time breathing, how we breathe and how to clean the air in our homes doesn't get discussed enough. Are you aware of the impact pollution has in your home? Are you sick of artificial room sprays? Try our natural essential oils room spray PurAir™, by far one of our best sellers.

NATURAL HEALTH AWARD WINNER: All-natural air freshener has won multiple awards incl. the UK Natural Health award. The air spray has been featured in Vogue, Grazia and voted "Best Spa at Home Product" by Prima magazine.

100% NATURAL, FRESH, & LONG-LASTING: an uplifting, spa-like aromatherapy scent that makes any room an invigorating place to be.  Where chemical air fresheners aren’t great for your wellbeing, PurAir™ room spray is organic and 100% from natural origin, vegan and cruelty-free.

BREATHE A CLEAN AIR: the eucalyptus spray clears the airways making breathing easier. PurAir™ essential oil spray can be used effectively as a lavender pillow spray, on carpets for dust-mite allergies, as a bathroom spray, antibacterial spray, linen spray, as an odor eliminator or for travel. 

RICH IN AIR-PURIFYING ESSENTIAL OILS: The room fragrance is a uniquely crafted blend of 19 essential oils with air purifying properties backed by science; Lavender oil is known for its deeply cleansing properties, cinnamon is used in medical research for its antiseptic properties and Ravintsara is renown in literature for its antiviral and immunity-boosting properties. 

A SUSTAINABLE MULTIPURPOSE ROOM SPRAY: PurAir™ air spray can be also used effectively on surfaces typically on phones. All essential oils in the formula are sourced ethically from all over the world and packaged in a sustainable glass bottle.



INSTANT ANTIBACTERIAL HAND GEL: 1001 Remedies Hand Sanitizer is a 70% Ethyl alcohol-based hand sanitiser endorsed by WHO & NHS for maximum efficiency against germs. Made by a certified lab in France, Sulfate and Paraben Free

ALL PURPOSE EVERYDAY USE: Regardless of where you are, indoors or outdoors, the hand gel travel size sanitiser is just as effective anywhere. Ideal for offices, universities, hospitals, gyms. Includes a flip-cap and an attached clip for convenient use to protect your personal items from leaks & spills.

RINSE FREE & NON-STICKY:  With this no-rinse hand sanitiser gel, you don't need water or soap to disinfect your hands as it dries quickly. It is pocket-size o protect you wherever you go.

LONG-LASTING PROTECTION: The hand sanitizer gel alcohol is formulated with a copolymer for a fast-absorbing gel texture and will go a long way for your hand sanitization.

DIRECTION FOR USE: Apply the sanitizer hand gel on the palm of the hands and spread on the front, back, between your fingers and under your nails. Allow drying in just 10 seconds. Do not wash with water.