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Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Natural Skin and body care for your overall ultimate wellbeing

We dedicated our lives creating natural alternatives to remedies for stress, sleep, acne and other skin conditions to preserve your immunity. Our formulas are natural, have proved themselves over generations and are very concentrated in active essential oils which make them multipurpose products. Given the popularity of these remedies, we decided to share them beyond our original pharmacy to create the 21st century wellbeing remedies that make you feel good, make you feel beautiful and reinforce your natural defences over time. 

1001 Remedies, Feel Good 
Essential oils for a healthier lifestyle. A passion to create Aromatherapy natural remedies for health & beauty "for which luxury and organic are not contradictory ideas and...that benefit people in the long term" 

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Cruelty-Free Ethical Clean Beauty

  • Our Promise

    Our products are MADE IN FRANCE and tested according to the EU and French strict regulations. They only contain 100% natural ingredients, are synthetical fragrance-free. They are not tested on animals. They are without paraben, phtalates, animal substance, GMO, silicone.  We carefully select the most active and precious essential oils to create powerful healing blends. We also carefully chose our packaging to be recyclable in line with our sustainable ethos. 

    Vegan, Cruelty Free & Gluten free Skin Care
  • Our Essential oils

    100% pure and natural, carefully selected across the globe and ethically sourced!

    Our ingredients are:

    We searched the rarest and most precious ingredients in order to formulate our products and create powerful synergies.


    Essential oils effectiveness has been demonstrated by scientific studies in several leading hospitals and the effectiveness of our formulas has been proven over generations since our original pharmacy.

    Ethical & Sustainable

    They are sourced responsibly in order to respect women and men work.

  • Our Story

    A brand born from a mother’s love. Raised with botanical remedies for the small daily ailments (cold & flu...), the brand founder Sofia decided to share this heritage knowledge when she became a mother as a way to care for people she loves. 1001 Remedies are more than beauty products, they are remedies to help you take care of people you love.


I bought this cream to try as everything else I had tried or been recommended had failed terribly. I’ve spent weeks looking like I’ve held my face over a chemistry experiment that went wrong. Bright red itchy patches with small pustules that hurt if I tried to burst them. Tried all kinds of makeup to try to cover it & looked like a dry flaky mess by the afternoon. Cream from the doctors didn’t make a blind bit of difference either. Within a few days of trying this cream I noticed a difference. Just once a day before bed massaged into the problem patches is enough. My skin now looks normal, no red itchy patches - not having to cake my face in makeup to disguise it. This is some kind of miracle cream ! Chuffed to bits with it. Worth every penny.

Emu, March 5th

This is the 4th bottle I have bought and I am officially addicted to the botanical smell of this spray. Also, this may be a coincidence, but I have not had a cold or sore throat since buying this.

I love this spray, it makes the home smell wonderful but also I take it to work to purify the air. If a colleague has a cough or cold I get it out and make the environment feel fresh and healthy. Recently I also purchased one for my mum, who loves it too and has had many compliments on the smell. I think it is essential for the winter months.