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Aromatherapy with essential oils: what is it good for?

Aromatherapy with essential oils: what is it good for?

You probably have heard about aromatherapy. Considering that you’re already here, I can tell you are probably curious about what is that exactly and what can it do to effectively improve your health. 

It’s not a magician paddling a cauldron that provides dubious remedies: just as you eat more greens to be more healthy, or moisturize your skin when it’s dry, breathing specific scents it’s proven to improve sleep or give you more energy, among other applications. 

Here are some of them: 

Aromatherapy oils for a better sleep

Do you have sleeping problems? Sometimes the stress and anxiety from the day or in specific moments of your life can be the biggest trigger to an insufficient sleep or even insomnia. Also, you have tried some sleep pills or other remedies but nothing seems to be good enough for you.

Many times the answer to our ailments is found in nature: in lavender oil, which has a calming effect, or melissa herb, that has a powerful effect on your nervous system, changing it from active to passive. 

Aromatherapy is the channel to apply these natural ingredients to your body. Either breathing them, which quickly incorporates them into your organism, or through skin, our biggest vital organ. If you have the chance, ask someone to give you an aromatherapy massage with a natural ingredient sleeping balm ;) (LINK to sleep balm).

Freshen the air at home for a health improvement

You can feel the pollution in the streets but, are you aware of the amount that stays in your home? You are constantly breathing that toxic air, so why don’t make it as fresh as possible? 

There are many options to renew the air at home with aromatherapy, which can be also beneficial for your health. Did you know that with specific sprays or diffusers, you can beat cold and flu spraying eucalyptus, brought to you from leafy forests, keeping all the properties from breathing that natural air? Or relieve stress when inhaling lavender, just as if you were in your dream lavender field in a summer day. 

Aromatherapy for a skin care routine

Aromatherapy doesn’t end here: it can also help you detox your skin and your body, while providing deep beauty treatments! But how? Two words: Argan oil. 

Argan oil comes from Morocco and it’s a pure oil full extracted from the argan tree, full of antioxidants which, applied to beauty, give your hair and skin a rejuvenated and stimulating effect, and a glowing sensation. Argan oil and its powerful scent can be applied directly from nature on your skin and hair, so you don’t miss any of its property.

Restore dehydrated skin with your new aromatherapy routine

Imagine staring at the sunset on a lonely beach in an exotic country. And the breeze that touches your skin. Well, you can have this feeling every morning with the use of aromatherapy, when applying the right ingredients on your skin.

But what’s more, you can find some remedies to skin problems in these natural ingredients, such as aloe vera or myrrh oil. Acne, spots, pimples, eczema, and other problems that you’ve been struggling for a long time now, and haven’t found anything that seems to work efficiently. 



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