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Get to know our sustainable development

Get to know our sustainable development

In 1001 Remedies we have created a new generation of well being products as a natural alternative for wellness and beauty to preserve one’s immunity. This sourcing in our mother land’s best properties for human health wouldn’t make sense without our ethical and environmental protection values, that have been the essence from the beginning.  

To bring you the best of nature in a responsible way and as part of our sustainable development goals, our brand is cruelty free, vegan and gluten free wellbeing brand, and all of our products are free of harmful chemicals, parabens, GMO, Phtalates or synthetic fragrances. In this way, we can also guarantee a cleaner waste. All the plants used to create 1001 Remedies’ essential oils are certified organically grown. 

1001 Remedies sustainable brand

All of our production and trade is sustainable and ethical. We provide the ingredients from farmers who follow sustainable farming practices and when producing argan oil we give back to the farmers community in Morocco. 1001 Remedies’ products and packaging are made in France to reduce our carbon footprint in the Earth, and we work hard to make manufacturing processes more and more efficient from a waste perspective. 

The beauty industry produced 65.62 billion plastic packaging units in 2010, while in 2017 the number escalated to 76.8 billion. Shocking? Think about this: that bottle you are using for any cosmetic purpose will be alive much more years than you.

This is why one of our priorities at the moment is to be 100% recyclable: all of our boxes and bottles are recyclable, and we use only the amount of material necessary to maintain the properties of each product, and are free of the heavy metals that impede the recycling process. You can feel proud as we are, because by using 1001 Remedies product range you are experiencing a direct connection with the natural world sustainably. 


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