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What is causing back acne and how to get rid of it.

What causes back acne?

Back acne can be caused by various factors such as:

- wearing clothes that are too tight or put pressure on the skin, such as backpacks taking certain medications, such as antidepressants 

- sweating, especially if the clothes worn are tight and hold sweat close to the body, clogging the pores of the skin

- stress

- the use of drying or skin-aggressive products, which leads to an increase in sebum production.


Tips to reduce back acne:

Don't worry, back acne can also be solved... Here are a few tips to reduce your back acne efficiently:

1. Avoid popping or touching your pimples;

2. Avoid excessive exposure to the sun

3. Reduce the pressure caused by wearing tight clothes or carrying a backpack

4. Wear looser clothing; wash your bed sheets regularly

5. Wash your bed sheets regularly

6. Wash your back after physical activity to remove perspiration using gentle body washes

7. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, by getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and eating a healthy diet.


What natural treatments can you use for back acne?

Natural treatments include the occasional application of essential oils, such as tea tree oil, to pimples. For this reason, 1001 Remedies' Magic Skin natural acne cream might help you!

Cider vinegar, thanks to its antibacterial properties, can also be used on acne pimples.

You can also use a little make-up for an evening to hide an intruding pimple on your back.


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