The Story Behind Every Product

The story behind every product starts with our founder -  Sofia. It all happened when Sofia became a mother. A life-threatening delivery and the realisation that now she is responsible for someone other than herself made her realise what really mattered - her health and wellbeing. She set out on a mission to advocate for a wellness-focused life and created a line of products based on science and aromatherapy that can be incorporated into your daily routine as a self-care ritual. 

Not too long before that point Sofia worked in a stressful job, requiring long commutes across the polluted city and constant exposure to technology. She, like many others, was no stranger to stress, anxiety, insomnia and other wellbeing issues, but she considered it part of the modern lifestyle. In a world where productivity is the main philosophy and a stressful/hectic lifestyle is the standard, Sofia now wanted to raise awareness about not taking our health and wellbeing for granted.

For Sofia, choosing aromatherapy as the core component for her wellness products was only natural. Firstly, aromatherapy products can be used both to treat the body physically by using the healing power of nature and spiritually through the essential oils that get diffused in the air during use, which act as mood-boosters. As a result, you get two benefits at the same! 

Secondly, Sofia comes from a long life of chemists and aromatherapists, her uncle even was a famous pharmacist-aromatherapist who ran his own apothecary store in Morocco.

Plant Based Beauty 

and Wellbeing

Sofia began on a journey to find the best ingredients across the globe cultivated sustainably and organically. She then partnered with laboratories in France, where 90% of luxury cosmetics are made, to ensure potency and quality as she embarked on the journey to adapt her uncles recipes with modern scientific discoveries. This gave rise to 1001 Remedies.

1001 Remedies - sustainably, blending generations of aromatherapy knowledge with innovative scientific information to create products designed to be used as wellbeing rituals that you incorporate into your daily routine to tackle the modern stressors of today such as pollution, stress, insomnia and acne.

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Modern Wellness - Aromatherapy 2.0

Despite being passed down for generations, Sofia didn’t realised that her uncles recipes could be adapted to fit the stressors and wellbeing issues of today. This was the ‘aha’ moment. Sofia knew that for her uncles recipes to truly act as wellness rituals for the lifestyles of people of today, they need to tackle a range of issues. The recipes need to work on a mental, spiritual, emotional and physical level to help our body and mind rebalance themselves.