Modern Aromatherapy

What is aromatherapy? I am glad you asked because although aromatherapy has been around for millennia due to unregulated practices the effectiveness of this powerful method have been questioned and reduced to simply relaxing massages. Yet, aromatherapy is more than that. Considering that you’re already here, I can tell that you are probably curious about what it is and what it can do to improve your health. I promise, it is not a magician paddling a cauldron that hands out dubious remedies. Instead, just as you eat more greens to be healthy, or moisturise your skin when it’s dry, breathing certain scents and applying oils to your skin can improve your life from helping you sleep to giving you more energy to giving your that dewy glow. 



Breathing in aromas can even trigger emotional and physical response that allows us to recall distant memories, like a distant whiff of perfume and the memory of our loved ones or a friend.

Aromatherapy is the art of healing with essential oils. These same essential oils are the plants immunity, it’s power to survive in the environment. You can even say they are an extension of the sun's power, as it is this power, which the plants absorbs to grow.

Now, aromatherapy has been around for millennia. Yet, our world is different to that of our ancestors. With free radicals flying around us, polluting our cities and our homes, and our continual exposure to chemicals, I believe the key in mitigating the risks is in something I like to call, modern aromatherapy

Modern aromatherapy is the art of using essential oils from plant extracts in combinations that would allow us to combat the stressors of today, such as insomnia, high stress environment, pollution, acne and the like. 

But, how can essential oil help? How does essential oils work? One way the compounds in essential oils interact with your body when they absorb through your skin into the bloodstream. Another is through the olfactory system (our sense of smell) and that system stimulating certain areas of the brain. 

Not only can they prevent colds and flu, but aromatherapy oils can play a role in controlling your behaviour and mood. What’s more, modern aromatherapy has already demonstrated good performance in its use in the treatment of anxiety, nausea, vomiting, and other health-related conditions in cancer patients. 

Aromatherapy 2.0

Did you know that essential oils can also reduce the air pollution indoors? Despite us spending 90% of our time indoors, we forget to think about the air quality in our homes and offices. Yet, our homes can have just as much pollutants as the streets!

We also tend to use air fresheners and other fragrances to make our homes smell nice, yet these are also considered pollutants. Some research even says hair sprays, perfumes and other scented products release the same amount of chemical vapors as car emissions! 

Unfortunately, this is not widely discussed and we use air fresheners around our homes, not realising the chemicals that it releases. This is why we created PurAir a 100% natural aromatherapy room spray  that contains eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender oil, together with other 19 essential oils to help detoxify your air from pollution, protect against viruses and reduce any cold and flu symptoms you may be feeling as well.

Your skin is also harmed by pollution. And when you’re doing your skin care routine, you can be adding some toxic chemicals that make your problem even worse, like with acne. Aromatherapy to the rescue!

Another important aspect of aromatherapy is that it’s benefits are not limited to your olfactory system, rather when used topically they can help treat various conditions, such as skin problems. You can use natural ingredients to help treat acne, spots, pimples, eczema, and other problems that many struggle with for a long time 

Products created from artificial based solutions can weaken the skin’s natural immunity and can cause further acne breakouts, which is why we choose a 100% natural solution based on aromatherapy. Based on 14 essential oils, such as Tea Tree and Cistus, the natural plant extracts in Magic Skin deliver antibacterial, antiviral and powerful healing properties to your skin without using any chemicals, just nature’s best!

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Nature is powerful.
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There are many ways to use essential oils, and you probably have more essential oils than you may know. Some of my favourite ways to use them include using a diffuser, sleep balms, or adding them to my bath or as a body oil. Want to find out more about aromatherapy and get some essential oil recipes? Click below to download our FREE Aromatherapy Ebook.