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Natural herbs and ingredients at 1001 Remedies

Natural and organic ingredients

Our formulas only contains 100% natural or organic ingredients. They are without parabens, phtalate, animal substance, OGM, silicone. They are not tested on animals. We carefully select the most active and precious essential oils based on their healing virtues across the world. They are then naturally concentrated and active thanks to the latest techniques of cold extractions and steaming distillation.

Excellence and quality

Our choice of « Made in France » from the conception of the formula to the manufacturing of the end-product is driven by the unique know-how France enjoys in terms of health and cosmetic skincare products. Being the birthplace of Aromatherapy, we also capitalise on the exceptional and well-recognised scientific knowledge. France has developed over the years in the cosmetic space. All our formulas and raw materials are tested by our independent labs under one of the most rigorous regulations in the world. We have chosen recyclable and environmentally friendly materials – such as glass – in order to guarantee the best stability for our products.

Transparency and efficiency

Our formulas are direct to the point. They are perfectly balanced, avoiding unnecessary actives or ingredients.

Social Responsibility

Commitment - two hands together

We like to respect nature’s lifecycle and value as such the work of these men and women who allow us to access to nature’s treasure through a responsible farming. 1001 Remedies aims to contribute to improving the life of these farmers and decided to donate 1% of our profits to the UCFA association. UCFA is the largest women cooperative in Morocco for the production of Argan oil. By diverting some money to UCFA, we would like to pay tribute to the work and courage of these women and help them becoming financially independent.

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