Our Vision and Commitment

Inspired by Sofia’s own health struggles, 1001 Remedies fundamental goal is to produce only 100% natural and ethical products that contribute to your overall wellness and improve your quality of life. By blending the generational power of aromatherapy and combining it with recent scientific discoveries, we view 1001 Remedies as Aromatherapy 2.0. Our products are specifically formulated to tackle modern day stressors, such as pollution in your home, insomnia and acne. Learn more about aromatherapy here.

Our products are made with 100% naturally and use only certified organic ingredients. We only source our products ethically from all over the world and give back to the farmer’s community. Our 100% pure and natural essential oils are traceable with no solvents, no fillers to deliver the maximum amount of nature's healing power.

The main ingredients in our products our essential oils. An essential oil is the plant’s immunity, when 100% pure and very concentrated it has many therapeutic benefits, even at low dosages. We only extract our essential oils from the plant by steam distillation or through cold extraction to preserve the highest amount of benefits. All our essential oils are tested thoroughly in our laboratories in France, including chromatographic analysis, before being incorporated into the formulas. 

We only partner with sustainable farmers to source our essential oils and plant extracts. In order to ensure that they can continually cultivate products organically and ethically, we donate to the UCFA association, the largest women cooperative in Morocco for the production of Argan oil. Learn more about our sustainability promise here. Our mission is to conduct business in a way that continually supports not only our customers but also delivers environmental, economic and social benefits. 

100% natural organic ingredients ethically sourced

Our Moto: Quality, Efficiency and Nature’s Best

Our products are 100% cruelty free, not tested on animals and all but one is vegan. They are free from gluten & GMO,  free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic colors or dyes and free from synthetic fragrance for a pure authentic experience of nature. We also follow the precautionary principle: you won’t find anything in our products that could harm you or our planet.

All of our products are made in France by a laboratory which is GMP certified and has ISO 22716 certification, which is the highest certification a lab can get. This ensures the quality, hygiene and safety conditions for the manufacturing products, unlike for certain homemade products. Unfortunately, Aromatherapy is not regulated in the UK, therefore, the consumer must be vigilant when buying essential oil products as the quality may strongly vary. For this reason, we produce all our products in France, where we comply with the EU Cosmetic Directive and other relevant regulations.

While formulating our products, we carefully select the most efficient ingredients and essential oils for maximum efficiency, even if that means incorporating rarely used essential oils in cosmetics due to their price.  For instance, myrrh and cistus, our key ingredients in Magic Skin, despite their extremely powerful anti-inflammatory properties are costly to cultivate, but we don’t let that stop us. 

GMP and ISO Certified

Plant Based Beauty and Wellbeing with 

No Compromise

Our formulas are also highly concentrated in natural ingredients and essential oils to ensure efficiency. Unlike some market products where the star ingredients represent a tiny drop of the whole product, natural active ingredients represent more than 10% of our products on average.

All our products come in sustainable packaging. The majority of our produce is bottles in glass that has been coated to protect the formulas as many plant extracts are sensitive to light. Only one of our products contains plastic. For this reason, we made sure that it is entirely recyclable and among the 100% greenest solutions available so far. We also have sourced most of our packaging from Europe reducing further transport carbon emissions.

Our products are tested at each production stage in a laboratory. We never have or will test on animals, we are proud to be 100% cruelty free. Before production, the ingredients are tested on an individual basis, after the bulk production, we conduct additional bacteriological tests and also test the packaging and then once again the final product prior to shipping. This way we do our best to ensure that the aromatherapy products you are receiving will deliver the maximum amount of the plants benefits, safely.

Sustainably cultivated, bottled and shipped

Hollistic approach to your wellbeing to feel and live better

We combined generations worth of knowledge derived from Sofia's family heritage of chemists and aromatherapist, with the latest advances in science to create a powerful range of products for beauty, health and wellbeing. Our vision is to see people move away from superficial one-sided solutions and approach their health and wellbeing holistically with plant-based products.

We belive that wellbeing is a lifestyle choice and we aim to help you create wellbeing rituals with our products, by making them easily to include into your daily routine. In a time when we experience nature-deprivation and the stress of the modern lifestyle are out to get us, our products will help connect you back with nature and her healing properties. Welcome to mindful beauty!