Your Wellbeing Rituals - One Day Journey  With 1001 Remedies

Welcome to 1001 Remedies, where we have made it our mission to advocate for a wellness-focused life and created a line of products based on science, nature and aromatherapy that can be incorporated into your daily routine as a self-care ritual. Why do you need a self care ritual? 

We often forget to take care of ourselves as we go chugging along life trying to achieve our goals and meet expectations. Yet, self-care is an extremely important way for us to maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves and our mind. Self care is not selfish, it is selfless. Forming a new ritual helps you relax, unwind and acknowledge that you deserve some me time, which even has positive effects for our mental health.

At 1001 Remedies products are designed in a way that when used together they can become a powerful self-care ritual designed to make you not only healthier on the outside and inside. Follow one of our daily rituals below and feel the difference in your energy, mood and overall wellness with our line of organic and sustainable products that harness the power of nature for your wellbeing!

1. Have you considered pollution in your home? Purify your air with PurAir!

Although we spend 90% of our time indoors, very few people consider the impact of indoor air pollution on our wellbeing. Yet, all of us have undoubtedly walked into our homes after they have been diligently tidied and felt like we can breathe with an open chest. Now our product PurAir can't dedust your bookshelves, but it can do the equivalent to your air!

PurAir is infused with essential oil extract from 19 rare and exotic plants that have strong antiviral and immunity-enhancing properties that help protect you from pollution in your home and make you less prone to sickness. Spray a few doses of PurAir in the air and on the sheets and let the air purifying quality of plants do its magic!

Wellbeing starts with clean air at home. Begin a perfect morning routine ventilating your room and spraying a few doses in the air and on the sheets with PurAir for more energy for the rest of the day. PurAir is infused with essential oil extracted from 19 rare and exotic plants and  has strong antiviral and immunity-enhancing properties that protect you from pollution and makes you less prone to sickness.

2. Now its time for your skin! Apply our pure Argan oil for skin with our Treasure Oil because you're gold!

After cleansing your air, it’s time to give your skin a “spa” treatment. Our Treasure Oil is a 100% pure, unrefined and cold-pressed argan oil that you can massage into your skin. This gives you a deep antioxidant treatment and will give your skin that youthful, natural glow for the rest of the day. You can also use it to minimise stretch marks or for dry and irritated skin. However, don’t stop there! You can even comb it through your hair to give your hair that deep nourishing treatment it deserves.

3. Restore your skin problems with Magic Skin! An all natural alternative to face creams. 

Don’t let stress affect your complexion. Gently apply Magic Skin to prevent spots, eczema, and as an acne treatment. It has aloe vera and 13 other essential oils, including lavender and tea tree, that help restore your skin natural’s defenses and deal with tension. In a short time you will see the difference, and it’s herbal scent will make you want more!  They don't call it beauty sleep for no reason! 

4. Use Good Night balm to relax and help you sleep.

A key component of any wellness ritual is how you go to bed. 1001 Remedies have got you covered! From the morning with PurAir to the evening with Good Night balm, our range is designed to help tackle major wellness concerns.

Good Night is an organic balm based on 10 essential oils, including lavender that helps insomnia, and melissa herb, which switches your nervous system from active to passive, allowing you to fall asleep faster. Massage it directly into your wrists 30 minutes before bed to absorb into your skin. While you wait, let the aroma of the herbs take away your anxieties and stress. Let the gentle smell of lavender be a cue for your brain that it is time to relax and prepare for a restful sleep. 

It's time to put your wellbeing first!

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