What Is Your Wellness Concern

1001 Remedies was born when I set out on a mission to advocate for a wellness-focused life. I had experienced some of the consequences of what it meant to be constantly stressed because of my job, living in pollution and the toll of spending hours in front of technology, and wanted to raise awareness about not taking our health for granted.
I found my answer in aromatherapy, and created a line of products based on science and aromatherapy that can be incorporated into your dairy routine as a self-care ritual to help battle the stressors of today. What is your wellbeing concern? 

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We must start discussing air pollution in our homes.

As I began to focus on my environment, I realised that even the air in our homes can be just as polluted as in the streets. Using synthetic air fresheners is no better, as they are full of nasty ingredients some of which the manufacturer doesn’t even need to disclose. Likewise, I learned that many beauty products that I used to help detox my skin from the stressors of everyday life, in fact acted as a sort of stressor in their own right. I compiled a list of some of the toxic ingredients in many common products we use and how to spot there, you can read it here.

But, if these air fresheners may be toxic, how do I get rid of pollution in my home then, you may be wondering. I found the answer in aromatherapy, and found that some plants and vegetables unique healing properties can tackle air pollutants.

Unlike mainstream cosmetics and air fresheners that predominantly contain synthetic ingredients, artificial dyes, and petroleum-based preservatives that come with a host of problems, organic herbal products do not require you to compromise your health to use them. I created PurAir™ specifically to tackle the pollution in your home without using any synthetic additives.

If you do not recognise the ingredient list, neither will your body. 

Let's discuss beauty products and cosmetics. Did you know that many beauty products that we use to help us treat acne can actually over time have the opposite effect because the harsh chemicals within the product strip away and destroy the local immunity of our skin. The areas we try to treat, may get further damaged and later lead to allergies, irritation and more acne. Thus, getting you stuck in a hamster wheel of skin problems.

Yet, mainstream media will make you believe that herbal products utilising essential oils are weaker than pharmaceutical ingredients. I believe the choice is yours, but know you can have quality without compromise. For this reason, I developed an alternative to traditional skin and acne creams that rely on chemicals, instead it consists of natures most powerful remedies that will leave your skin glowing with any compromise. 

Take care of yourself and use ingredients that your body will understand. 

The whole 1001 Remedies range is natural and organic. Our formulas have been proven over generations. We use only very concentrated and active essential oils in our products to ensure that each drop delivers maximum plant benefit. We create modern health and wellbeing remedies that make you feel good, beautiful and reinforce your natural defenses over time. Moreover, they are even good for the environment as we only use organic and sustainably farmed ingredients and packaging, to ensure that our products are as kind to nature and they are to you.

Choose between a range of products, carefully designed for you to have a purer and healthier life. Our ranges include - Breathe and Detox, Relax and Sleep and Skin Care. Our products can be used during pregnancy and even new mums.