Aromatherapy Room Spray Purer Air - PurAir

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Aromatherapy Room Spray Purer Air - PurAir

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Aromatherapy Room Spray Purer Air - PurAir

£19.20 £24.00 saving £4.80

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PurAir is an aromatherapy room spray for purer air, 100% from natural origin based on a blend of essential oils. This beauty bag and wellbeing desk must-have has been voted best product by Prima Magazine and will create your perfect well being interior spray:

  • vivifying fresh scents
  • detoxifying your air/ virus protection
  • reinforcing your natural defences

30 mL or 100 mL 


You will feel reinvigorated, reborn with new energy. Studies show the vaporised essence can kill common bacteria as soon as 15 minutes with a mere 0.2% concentration*.

Among our well being ingredients

The Cinnamon essential oil will reinforce your natural immunity with its strong antiviral and anti-bacterial properties. Another important aromatherapy oil, the Ravintsara, with its anti-microbial properties, will purify your environment and envelop your home in a protective shield allowing you to breathe a cleaner air. The fragrance of the Peppermint oil will bring you notes of reinvigorating freshness. The eucalyptus oil, with its antiviral properties, completes the protection against cold and flu.

Rituals of application

Step 1: A perfect morning routine starts with ventilating your room and spraying a few doses in the air for more energy for the rest of the day. Don’t forget to slip the travel size PurAir in your bag for the office's germs and you are ready to go.

Step 2: In the evening, Spray PurAir on your bed sheets and pillow, an hour before going to sleep for a healthy environment over the night time.

(*) Studies and tests on ingredients with meningoccus bacteria (destruction in 15 mins), typhoid bacilli and diphtheria bacteria. Jean Valnet, M.D, 1990