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Aging Well is a Mindset

Aging Well is a Mindset

Each day, I notice how the people closest to me are aging. When I see them struggling to rise out of a chair or walk a short distance, I remind myself about the kind of life I am striving to live as I age. Aging well is a priority for me.

I make it a point to live a lifestyle that is healthful and serene. I know that as each day goes by, my physical condition changes. As I mature, I make healthy choices. I am as active as I can be.

To live a fulfilling, enriching, and active life, I eat healthy and nutritious foods, like fruits and vegetables. I avoid fried foods and foods high in sugar, white flour, and fats. I also engage in daily exercise. I avoid sitting on the couch for any lengthy period of

While others might get bored with their exercise routine, I find my exercise regimen fun because it changes every day.

I vary my work-outs from vigorous walks, to lengthy bike rides, to a jog in the local park. I take pride in my physical strength. I lift weights to attain definition in my arms and legs and to keep my muscles working well for me as I mature.

Today, I plan to take a look at my home to ensure I have whatever I need to continue to age well. I can set up my home to live the healthiest lifestyle possible by stocking only healthy foods and maintaining varied options for exercise.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. As I age, how do I want my life to be? Is aging well truly a priority for me right now?
2. What can I change in my home to help me age well?
3. How can I alter my behavior to ensure that I am doing everything possible to age well?


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