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The benefits of Argan Oil for hair

The benefits of Argan Oil for hair

There’s no doubt on why Argan oil is called the liquid gold from Morocco: the bright, glowing and silky effect in your hair has been kept as an ancestral beauty secret for years. 

But, what is Argan oil?

Because of its subtle flavor and powerful benefits for health, this oil coming from Morocco has been used across the world for centuries on cuisine, medicine and cosmetics. This oil is entirely extracted from the fruit of the argan tree, and brought to you in a very pure and natural substance, which has made it very demanding in the last few years as an alternative to chemical products for skin and hair care. 

Why is Argan oil good for your hair?

Because of its oleic and linoleic acids that conform argan oil’s fat content, it provides vital nutrients for keeping your hair healthy. It’s also extremely rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, in others words antioxidants and omega-6. So, counting all this properties that sometimes are hard to find in regular hair conditioners, it will boost cells and encourage healthy hair growth. 

But, watch out! Some say that the "king of the oils" smells bad. The truth is that it has a delicate nutty smell, but be advised that if you purchased one with a strong smell is that it has gone rancid or oxidized because of the time between the picking and extraction, which is a sign of poor quality. A pure and high-quality Argan oil should smell slightly earthy with an overall neutral smell.

How should you apply Argan oil for your hair?

Administrate on scalp for 30min before shampoo for a nourishing treat and shiny results. Massaging your head with oil, more than a relaxing treat to yourself, will help with the stimulation of the blood flowing to your scalp and restore this last's inflammation or dryness due to chemicals present in shampoo. With our Treasure Oil you will notice with time that the hair density will increase as well.

At 1001 Remedies, we source ethically sustainable and high-quality argan oil benefiting the local community as well as your consumption with a 100% fresh, pure, traceable and certified organic ECOCERT product.


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