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Happy 2nd Birthday 1001 Remedies

Happy 2nd Birthday 1001 Remedies


2 years ago, from a mother's love, was born 1001 Remedies, a clean beauty wellbeing brand that reconciles glamorous and wellbeing.

Suffering from the modern hectic life stress, Sofia Belcadi, the founder, became aware of its impact on her physical and mental well-being and consequently, on her health.

In her quest for authenticity, she found the answers in her precious family's 20y of aromatherapy pharmaceutical heritage. Younger, she helped her uncle prepare botanical remedies for small daily ailments like cold and flu, sleep...

She stood up for her wellness, the balance point of her new life and decides to partner with a French lab to improve people and her life by creating natural products that would introduce new daily wellbeing rituals. 

The adventure for well-being recovery began, The first remedies MADE IN FRANCE were created and with them, the passion for sharing this wonderful secret.

2 years later, the brand continues improving the well-being of people not only in the United Kingdom but around the world.

It has been an exciting journey full of immense joy, challenges, hard teamwork and meeting fascinating people. 

Recognized as an antidote, the brand has received a warm welcome by the press including as Vogue, Marie Claire, Grazia, Financial times for "best summer beauty product". 

We are glad and grateful for all those wonderful feedback, reviews and testimony which foster our desire to spread wellness around us.Thanks to your involvement and trust, you have allowed the brand to come highly recommended at the Beauty Awards 2016 as the best new health and well-being product.

After two years, the brand has grown up and will continue to. However, its commitment will stay unchanged: Providing 100% pure, chemical-free and natural formulas and guaranteeing the well-being of its clients and those who work for it.

Today we would like to thank all the people who trust in a new generation of clean beauty, in wellness, in 1001 Remedies.

We are getting older, let's celebrate together this exciting journey for wellness and mindfulness. 1001 Remedies is delighted to offer you a 20%, 3 days flash sales on the range. 


The question is: Would you stand up for your wellness?






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