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Covid and the pandemic of the "Maskne"

Covid and the pandemic of the "Maskne"

During this pandemic, most of us have committed to wearing a face mask in order to protect ourselves and those around us. Whether we have symptoms of infection or not is not the question, asymptomatic people are as dangerously contagious as those who have showcased symptoms.

One of the many downsides of wearing a mask is "Maskne" a new word to accompany the new side effects of the pandemic. It refers to the acne eruptions that occur due to the prolonged wear of a mask, but how does it happen? Well, the excess friction and heat applied to the skin added to the hormonal stress due the the current situation make a perfect combo to trigger acne.

Since wearing a mask cannot be helped, we can only invest our best efforts into the right routine to protect our skin and avoid acne eruptions and scarring.

Here are some steps you can take to protect your skin from Maskne:

-Gently cleanse your skin everyday with a cleanser that is adapted to your skin type, be careful to not opt for harsh cleansers that will damage your skin barrier!

-Exfoliate your skin after removing your mask, either everyday with a gentle chemical cleanser or two to three times a week with a slightly harsher one.

-Use a thick emollient on your skin to deeply hydrate and protect it

-Moisturise your skin everyday with a good anti-acne and scars cream, avoid the ones with salicylic acid and benzoyl. Our team especially recommends this cream as a blue ship against Maskne.

-Skip makeup as much as you can or at least use non-comedogenic products.

-Do not touch your acne spots, please be patient and kind with your skin. If you treat it well and follow our recommendations it will heal in no time.

Did we forget about something? Share your tips and advice on the comment section below!

Stay safe!

Sincerely Yours,

Sofia, Founder and CEO of 1001 Remedies


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