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Wellness: Break the Cycle

Wellness: Break the Cycle

In our journey to wellness it is important to learn new things and water our inner garden with knowledge.

I really like to listen to other people's experience and point of view on the world, each time I do feel like I am getting a lifetime's worth of insight and it's fascinating.

I wanted to recommend this very interesting TED Talk about wellness and how we can view change as an inherent part of our growth. 


A little bit more about Tyla: 

She is a 29 year old local business owner and entrepreneur.  She is a self made millennial.  Born in New York and raised in Ocala, Florida, for the past twenty years. She's in the top 4% of her network marketing company, where she educates others about Nutrition and wellness. She has helped the community lose over 10,000 pounds over the past 4 years on her journey.

Tyla's vision for herself is to help save the world from obesity by teaching others about self-worth, health, love and happiness. 

Source: TEDx Talks Youtube channel.


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